Choti Sardarni 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Commissioner is mad at inspector. He says how dare you lock him up. He says inspector turned into best doing his task. Inspector says i’m able to get Param from there. Sarab says no i can pass there myself.
Harleen asks Sarab did you meet meher? He says sure and checked too. Param will tell you how she was.
Gulwand makes meher do u.s.a.and downs for coming past due and bringing the child home. Amrita says this would make you’ve got information in paper too. Gulwand says yes you are attempting to keep her again? She says our Yuvi is going there too. What if that criminal picked him? Gulwand says yeah, you’re proper. go and supply him milk.

Param is playing with Yuvi. Meher asks them to get milk. They each say we don’t adore it. Meher says complete the milk and wins chocolate. THey each end it. Yvui says I finished first. Meher says Param performed the first time. He didn’t recognize. Meher gives Param chocolate. Harleen comes there. She says thanks Meher. Param hugs Harleen and says bua.. Meher says his dad is irresponsible. Gulwand comes there too. Meher says she is Param’s aunt. Harleen gives meher a gift for saving Meher. Harleen asks Meher have you graduated? She says no three hundred and sixty five days is left. Meher calls Manav and says come here fast. She says okay.

Gulwand opens the present box with Bitu. they’re very pricey gifts. Harleen says Param permit’s cross domestic. Gulwand says you have to eat first. Gulwand says that is Amrtia my daughter. Meher says to Gulwand i am going with Bubly. Harleen says she drives? Gulwand says yes. Param hugs Meher and says don’t go. Meher says you can usually come here. He says promise? Meher says sure.

Harleen eats the saag. She says that is so top. Gulwand says I need to pass. you could constantly come right here to have saag. Harleen says i will come but first you have to come to our residence for dinner. My brother Sarab Jee Singh desires to meet you. Gulwand says why does he need to fulfill us? Harleen says he likes Meher. Jagya says however Sarab has a toddler? Harleen says yes. Harleen says might Meher be Param’s mother? Jagya says what. Harleen says you can ask Meher. Gulwand says we are able to come to your ouse fr sure.

Meher drives with Manav. He holds her hand and kisses her. Jagya says what are you saying mom. Gulwand says call Meher and we must go there. Jagya says he’s married, he has a infant. Gulwand says have I ever taken a wrong decision for you all? God has destined Meher and Sarab. you’ll like him. He says but Meher received’t go along with us.

Precap-Jagya and Gulwand coe to Sarab’s house. She says see that is a castle. Harleen says Meher didn’t come? Jagya says I asked her now not to. I want to look if this notion is even correct for her or now not.


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