Choti Sardarni 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Param disperses parsad to everybody with Meher. He offers it to Sarab. Sarab grins. He takes the parsad and eats it. Sarab sees a man says dad.. Meher says is that your father? They pursue the man. Meher says your child. Param ventures back. Meher says Param your father is here. The person says what.. His significant other says is this your kid? You undermined me. He says no. Param says where is daddy. Meher embraces him and says we will discover him. He cries. Meher says don’t stress. Meher says in what capacity can his father be so flippant. Meher makes an annoucement with Param. She says your child needs you. Param says daddy I need you please come.

Gulwand is doing the introduction. Meher asks Amrita where is Param? Yuvi is battling a child. Amrita says Yuvi what’s happening with you. Yuvi says pintu him me a year ago. I sat tight a year for him to come here. Gulwand says my lion. AMrtia says Yuvi state sorry. He says I won’t. Param checks and says when will daddy come. Meher says you tally till 100. He would come. Param checks. A man comes. He says you are so extraordinary. You are instructing and ensuring him in the meantime. Meher says param bring that arti. Meher sys I am so stressed. His father didn’t return. He says don’t stress he would.

Amrita calls Meher and says where are you? She says sanctuary. Meher says I would be late. Sarabc comes and picks Param. He says I am his father. Meher takes him back and says I am his mummy. Meher asks Param would he say he is your father? He says no he isn’t. Meher says how could you. Sarab says he can’t perceive. Individuals get Sarab and state you take kids in sanctuary. Param embraces Meher and says I wont’ leave her. Meher says this man ought to be taken to police headquarters.

They come to police headquarters. Overseer says he a costly telephone, such a significant number of charge cards. He is a major cheat. They send him to lockup. Reviewer expresses gratitude toward Meher. She says you discover his father genuine quick. Meher asks Param not to additional from police headquarters. Param holds her dupatta and says dont’ go. Sarab grins. Meher Tells the assessor that on the off chance that they discover his dad instruct him to get him at sarpanj’s home

Precap Meher is with manav and meher family additionally comes there.


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