Choti Sardarni 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kulwant sees Meher cooking. She says properly completed. I knew you would eat. Meher says i can die without food but a mother can’t. Kulwant offers her knife and says this is what you’re searching out. Meher screams Manav.. Meher says Manav i am here. DOn’t kill my Manv. Amrita coems there. she runs to meher.

Sarab calls. Meher is crying and screaming. He says is the whole lot ok? Kulwant says yeah it is television. Sarab says can i speak to Meher? Kulwant says she slept. Sarab says are we able to meet day after today? Kulwant says certain.

Sharma comes to police station to file a report. He says my son has been missing seeing that 3 days. Inspector says he could come returned don’t fear. Sharma sees Sarab’s photograph in paper. He says I assume Sarab can assist me.

Meher sees a digicam in her room. Kulwant sees her pictures. Meher tries to break the digicam. Rana says why are you involved now? Kulwamt says Sarabjeet. He wants to talk to meher.
Sharma comes outdoor Sarab’s house. Watchmen don’t allow him in. Sarab says let him in. Sarab asks him what befell. sharma shows him Manav’s photograph. He says this is my son. Sarab says that’s manav. Sharma says he has been lacking considering the fact that 3 days. He cherished a girl. He went to her area. He has no longer been seen after that. Param says papa let’s move. Sarab asks his man to get his report filed. Sarab says don’t worry he will get your document filed. i’d go along with you if I didn’t have a committment. Sharma is going along with his man.

Kulwant involves Meher and says get prepared. You appear like someone has died. Come downstairs. Meher says why did you kill manav? Kulwant says don’t dare to take that animal’s name. Meher continues taking Meher’s name. Kulwant slaps her. Amrita says mummy ji please prevent. Kulwant slaps her once more. Meher falls down. Param says why has my mom fallen. a man is available in too. Kulwant is dazed. it’s miles Rana. Kulwant says she is choosing her tops. Rana takes her out of doors. kulwant says you could’t do any drama these days. Amrita says she promised on daddy’s image. Meher says she has a thief in her heart hence she is involved. Kulwant says if you strive doing some thing i will kill this sin.
Kulwant leaves. Amrita says get geared up Meher.

Sarab involves Meher’s house. Jagga welcomes them. Kulwant says i’m so happy you’re right here. This looks as if a dream. Meher is in tears. She looks at her necklace that Manav gave her. Kulwant sees Manav everywhere. In her imagination, Manav kisses her forehead. He receives her prepared. Meher is crying.

Kulwant greets Sarabjeet. Meher screams Manav’s name. Meher comes downstairs. Kulwant spills tea on Sarab’s coat. She says sorry. Sarab says it’s ok. He is going to restroom. Meher is in corridor. Kulwant says if she says anything i will kill her. Kulwant comes there. She distracts Sarabjeet.

Precap-Meher meets Sarab. She says I want to talk about some thing critical.


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