Choti Sardarni 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Meher turns out and says I am prepared to wed Sarabjeet. Kulwant says truly? She says truly, however I have a condition. Amrita says she would possibly wed him in the event that you don’t execute her youngster. Rana says how could you. Kulwant says I consent to this condition yet on the off chance that she puts hand on her father’s photograph and says that. Meher keeps hand on his photograph and says I guarantee. I would wed Sarabjeet. Meher is in tears. Kulwant says state it more intense. Meher says I would wed Sarabjeet. Meher is in tears. Meher plunks down crying. Kulwant chuckles and applauds. She says I am so glad. Your sister is wedding Sarab jagga.

Rana says would we be able to confide in her? Kulwant says she could never lie on her father’s photograph. She won’t break guarantee made on his name. Kulwant says wow my DIL is so astute. What did you say? Amrita went to Meher. she said you need to wed sarab. Meher said I wont. Amrita said on the off chance that you need to spare your kid say yes. Escaping this house to his home would be the best way to spare him. Sarab won’t ever know. You can lie and disclose to him it is his tyke. Meher says how might I pass on. Amrita said to spare your youngster’s life. You would need to state it.

Kulwant leaves. Amrita embraces Meher and says prepare. Jagga says this isn’t right. Amrita says more regrettable than homicide? Meher is likewise a mother. This is the main way out we had.

Kulwant says I would get sarab and meher wedded. Rana says this kid would consistently be an issue for us. Kulwant says both of you are so moronic. Meher would lead with my sword on the off chance that she considers it Sarab’s youngster. Get me the telephone. Kulwant calls Harleen.

Param orders three pizzas. He says this doll is my mother. Khushi says your mother is with god. Param cries. Sarba comes in. Sarab says don’t state that Khushi. Param says I need my mummy. Harleen says Param got his mother. Sarab Meher said yes. Param says yayy. Sarab says Meher said yes? Harleen says yes. Sarab says I need to converse with Meher.

Meher takes a gander at the sky. She sees Manav. Manav says you resemble moon. He touches her face. Manav says don’t you get drained? She says didn’t you used to get worn out hanging tight for me? He says I am with you. In your breaths. In your pulse. I would watch out for you. If you don’t mind takecare of yourself and our kid. Meher gestures. She is envisioning this. Manav says grin for me. Meher cries. Meher says I guarantee you Manav, I won’t let anything happen to your tyke.

Precap: Kulwant says to Meher prepare. They are coming. Meher says for what reason did you slaughter Manav? Kulwant says don’t set out taking his name. Meher takes his name. Kulwant slaps her. Param comes in and says for what reason is my mummy on floor?


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