Choti Sardarni 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mehar losing her aim again.. Sarab and team laugh😆😆 and win the game.. Param call Sarab super hero.. Mehar pray🙏🏼 God to keep Param and Sarab happy 😊always.. Later as per challange Mehar pick chit and is shocked😨 to see to kiss husband.. Sarab to read and get shocked😨, but cover up saying it weak dare to kiss fvt person.. Dolly and rovi think🤔 fishy and decide to call detective.. Rovi says about fees, when dolly transfer 10lac rupees in his account..

Param and Khushi fight over being Mehar fvt person. Mehar kiss khushi making Param sad😢.. But he kisses Sarab..

Later in night Sarab jokes on Mehar over being Param fvt super hero.. Though Mehar clarify saying if she lost game purposfully, otherwise Param would have been with her.. Sarab doesn’t agree… Mehar inform about Param picnic and checks on him as well.. Sarab tease her again over carrom game by calling her loser.. Mehar says lets play again.. Both sit to play when Sarab ask her ladies first for taking strike.. Mehar says he did wrong and play game, shocking😨 Sarab… She later blindfold her eyes and take queen and cover.. She tell Sarab to Google who was state champion on Carrom in 2018?? Sarab does and surprise😲 to see her pic and name…

Next day Sarab is late in waking up, when Mehar make Param ready for school and feed him breakfast.. Param say she is his super mom, but Mehar says Super papa, who asked Mehar do make ready Param.. Param smiles😊.. She give him his fvt pizza 🍕and says his papa cooked.. Param get sad😞 by remembering how Sarab burnt his fvt pizza🍕 earlier.. Param say he will not take, but Mehar tell him that Sarab has learnt to cook now.. Param smiles 😊and goes..

Sarab get up and find param, when prety inform that Mehar took him out.. Param says I love you Mumma and Papa.. And goes.. Sarab and Mehar reply same and see each other..

Precap: Sarab says to Mehar she did purposfully.. Mehar says person need to get up on time to fulfill his duties..


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