Choti Sardarni 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Param offers bread to everybody to the table and says what Meher showed him Hrleen says who instructed you that? Param says mummy. Meher says I am not frightened of anybody. I won’t wed him. Gulwand says I will perceive how you don’t. You won’t venture out of this house. No school. You will just advance out of this house to wed Sarab now.

Meher says to Amrtia Mummy ji has asked me not to go out. I would proceed to converse with Sarab. If it’s not too much trouble make me converse with him. Amrtia goes to Yuvi’s room. She says you have be companions with mummy ji once more. Yuvi comes to dadi. He says would you give my toys to different children? She says I won’t. Gulwand embraces him. She hits the dance floor with Yuvi. Yvui takes Gulwand’s telephone. Amrita takes Sarab’s number from it.

Amrita asks Meher to dial the number. Amrtia calls however hukum cuts the call. Sarab says pick it. Sarab picks the telephone. Meher is terrified. He says I am Sarab. Meher hurls. She hurries to bathroom. Amrita gives Meher water. Amrtia says would you say you are alright? Did you eat anything? Meherr says I don’t have the foggiest idea. I feel queasiness. Amrita says don’t misunderstand me. In any case, you and Manav.. You just love or? Meher reviews Lohri night and holds up. Amrita says let me know is there more than adoration? What number of cutoff points have you crossed? Have you accomplished something that would disgrace us? Meher is quiet. Amrita says goodness God are you pregnant. Meher says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Amrita says your answer should just be no. Amrita slaps Meher. Amrtia leaves. Meher reviews her minutes with Manav. Meher cries.

Amrita comes to shop and purchases something. Yuvi says do you have chocolates? She says no. Gulwand says where did you go? The prescriptions fall structure Amrita’s hands. Amrtia says my head was harming so I went to scientific expert. Gulwand says did you talk sense into Meher? Amrita says I am attempting. Gulwand says bring her first floor.

Amrita gives testing strip to Meher. Meher tests, she is pregnant. Amrita is stunned. Amrita says you are pregnant. How might you do this. You have demolished our family name. Meher says we didn’t do whatever would disgrace anybody. Our adoration is valid. Amrita says it’s a wrongdoing. Meher says we took adjusts around the flame. Our adoration is as unadulterated as the marriage we did. Amrita says what are you saying. Meher says yes we wedded that night. Amrita says if mummy ji discovers she will execute me as well. Amrita reviews she took Meher out with her. Meher says please.. I truly love Param. Amrita says you demonstrated all individuals right who are exacting to young ladies. She says call Manav and request that he come at this moment. Meher says he doesn’t have telephone. Amrita says if mummy ji discovers you’re pregnant.. Gulwand comes in. She sees the strip.

Precap: Gulwand says who is this Manav? What does he do? Request that he return home.


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