Choti Sardarni 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Manav’s taxi comes. Sharma gives him favors. He says carry Meher with you. Manav says there is an uplifting news I would reveal to you when I am back. Manav composes Meher’s number on a paper. A server takes it.

Meher searches for Amrita. She isn’t in the house. Meher crashes into Bitu. She says would you say you are as yet distraught? He says no doubt you did such an incredible thing. Meher says where is amrita? Manav is coming. Buitu leaves in annoyance. Amrita calls Meher.

Meher says where are you? Amrita says I am at my mother’s pace. Meher says MAnav is coming today. Amrita says what.. Mummy ji said he would come tomorrow. AMrita says I am coming at that point. Meher asks for what reason did Kulwant lie.

Meher is glad. She gets dressed. Meher asks Manav? He says I am outside your home. Meher says I made something for you. She says come in I would let you know. Manav thumps on the entryway. Bitu opens the entryway. Manav expands hand. Bitu doesn’t shake it. Manav comes in. He takes a gander at Meher. Meher says you look great. Manav gestures. He goes towards the guestroom.

Kulwant is on her seat. Bitu and rana are there. Manav makes proper acquaintance mummy ji. Manav strolls towards her to contact her feet. He contacts her feet, Kulwant wounds him with a sword in the back. Manav drains. He is stunned. Meher comes there. She is stunned. Manav takes a gander at Meher. Meher cries and wails. Manav takes a stab at strolling towards Meher.

Manav tumbles down. Meher holds his hand. Meher touches his face. Manav is passing on. Bitu and Rana haul Meher out of room. Manav holds her hand. Bitu and rana drag her out. MEher cries and shouts Manav’s name. Kulwant pushes Mahav.

Bitu and Rana dragsMeher to a room. Manav is kicking the bucket. Meher shouts and cries. bitu and rana lock her in a room. They drag Manav. Meher says leave him. Try not to contact him. Meher says leave him.

Precap: Meher breaks the entryway and pursues Kulwant’s vehicle on a bicycle.


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