Choti Sardarni 26th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Jagya and Amrtia’s bicycle is broken. They see Kulwant’s vehicle. He says what is mummy ji doing here? They see Meher as well. Jagya says you return home. I will follow them. He follows Meher. Kulwant says see his challenge. He contacted and needed to wed my meher? Bitu says he is biting the dust. Rana says better believe it got a blade. Sharma improves the dhaba. He says Manav adores festivities. It is his birthday. I need to design everything. A server says I think manav will celebrate with his in laws.

Rana says goodness last birthday. Rana says biting the dust on your birthday Manav? Manav takes a gander at Meher’s dupatta. He cries and reviews their minutes together. Meher is pursuing them. The dupatta falls on Manav. Kulwant stops close to the waterway. bitu and rana take out Manav from the vehicle. Kulwant says you have no value to be even close to my little girl. Toss him. They take Manav close to the extension and push him. Manav falls in the waterway. Bituu rana get back in the vehicle. Meher comes there running. She looks down and scearms. Meher sees her duppatta drwoning with Manav. Meher shouts. She is bouncing. Jaguya says what’s going on with you. Jagya says what occurred. Meher says they slaughtered him. Jagya says who executed who? Meher blacks out.

Jagya says to Kulwant murder is a wrongdoing. She says this is the means by which he paid. I would do it once more. I called him here for Meher. I didn’t know is aims. He said he needed 2 crore. Jagya says what? Kulwant says he said he would slander Meher. He said he would tell the entire city. He tricked our Meher. Your siblings blew up. He says what might we say to Meher?

Meher is outside. Meher calls Manav’s number and shouts. Meher swoons. Meher awakens in her bed. SHe says would it say it was every one of the a fantasy? Express gratitude toward God. Everything didn’t occur right? She searches for her telephone. Meher runs first floor. Manav’s telephone rings in Meher’s home. She sees his telephone on the stairs. Meher acknowledges it was all genuine. It wasn’t a fantasy. Meher sees blood on his telephone. Meher sees blood on the floor. Meher shouts and cries. Meher reviews her minutes with Manav. Meer plunks down and cries. She swoons. Kulwant comes there and says you realize what happens to individuals who don’t concur with me. It downpours. Meher shouts and cries in his blood. Kulwant says you requested these tears by not tuning in to me.

Precap: Kulwant says to Meher cry as much as you need. I will get you wedded to Sarabjeet.


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