Choti Sardarni 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sarab scolding Mehar for not handling divorce file properly. He add if he hadn’t cooked story we would have been in deep trouble.. Just than param arrives wearing boxing gloves.. He order Sarab to sit and he hit Sarab for giving divorce to Mehar and leave her.. Sarab and Mehar get shocked😨 hearing that param knows it.. Sarab ask who told him?? Param take Harleen’s daughter name.. He again hit Sarab, when Mehar stop him saying he is good boy, and good boy doesn’t act like this.. Param leave sarab adding he shall not cut cake🎂 , ask guests to leave and goes in his room..
Sarab and Mehar decide to make param smile😊, sarab decide to go but Mehar say that Param will listen to her.. Sarab and Mehar have funny nok jhok..

Mehar goes to Param room and talk to softy, jumbo and chikoo saying that no-one love❤ Mehar Mumma, not even Param.. But Mehar Mumma love❤ them all.. She add saying that guests have brought gifts and chocolate cake🎂 is waiting.. She ask to hug her.. Param hug mehar and tell that he shall divorce papa if papa leaves mehar mumma.. Mehar get emotional 😢and hug him Downstairs Param, Sarab and Mehar cut cake🎂 and feed Param.. Kulwant think🤔🤔 about Sarab words over divorce and decide to do something to reach her motive.. Momsi think🤔🤔 that if divorce happen soon, she will make Sarab marry a candian girl whom she want..

After party sarab come to pick param but mehar inform him that he is in half sleep, so let him sleep😴😴 first.. Param speak in sleep😴 that this birthday was best as he had mumma and papa both.. Sarab too sit near param and give tickets to mehar.. Mehar remembers🤔🤔 about plan sarab made about going on to honeymoon and Sarab will say to family that Mehar died.. Later they have husband wife little smile😊😊 wali nok jhok

Next day Kulwant put picture with sarab and think🤔 this will help her so much.. One lady arrives and inform people talking about Mehar didn’t do her Pegfera yet since 1 month… Kulwant ask to inform that Mehar will do it soon.. Later Kulwant call Sarab and tell to bring Mehar so that Yuvi meet and Mehar Pegfera happens as well, do keep surprise from her as well.. Sarab agrees..

Param open gifts and Mehar ask about best gift.. Param says best gift was given by Sarab as he brought Mehar in his life and kiss her.. Mehar think 🤔how tell that she is here only for afew days only.. She tell Param that he is big boy now, he should take care of himself and not to talk with papa badly, he should love ❤papa.. Param say ok Mehar Mumma, Param will love❤ papa… Sarab arrives and call Mehar, while remembering about Kulwant surprise..

Precap: Param get kidnapp promo saturday 1 hour special epsiode..


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