Choti Sardarni 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Episode start with Sarab try to request Mehar, though Mehar and Param make fun.. Sarab think how to make convince Mehar as she can catch his lie “shushtak” and think why am I speaking like this?? Mehar ask him to speak..Sarab try to control his irritation.. Param ask Sarab to say request “shushtak”.. Sarab ask Mehar to accompany him family lunch.. Mehar get surprise and think how can Kadva Kerela speak like Sweet Ganna param ask her to accompany.. Mehar ask Param to bring water for her, param goes.. Mehar tell sarab that they should not roam together, but Sarab say that they are here for short time, and its important meet.. Param bring water and ask if Mehar accompany them and where they need to go?? Sarab nods yes and ask Mehar to get ready.. Later Sarab ask help fromParam..

Harleen ask Rovi and Dolly to get ready for going to Mehar house for Pegfera.. Dolly and Rovi smile on their planning..

Kulwant and family prepares for pegfera while ladies and friends arrives.. Amrita show concern on mehar arrival but kulwant assure her..

Mehar and Param come down after getting ready.. When param ask her to play with him truth and dare.. Mehar ask if knows how to play?? Param says he is 5 year big boy and ask her to choose Truth or dare??? Mehar think if choose truth param might ask to stay and not leave him, so she choose Dare.. Sarab smile seeing them and signal param.. Param take ribbon and tie on Mehar eyes ordering not to open eyes until param ask.. Mehar agrees.. Sarab come and act as if doesn’t know anything, both smile..

Later Sarab, Param and Mehar reaches at Mehar house.. Mehar ask when to open eyes.. Param say till he count 10.. He take her near door and ask her to open eyes.. When mehar does so, she remember how her love died and other things and get angry.. When she confront sarab he jokes but mehar get more angry.. Sarab ask her atleast meet yuvi who is unwell..

Mehar goes inside..she and sarab get shocked to see Yuvi fine.. She is about to leave when ladies and Amrita stop her.. Amrita silently say sorry.. Mehar in laws arrive, while kulwant welcome them.. Mehar meet everyone expect Jagga, Kulwant.. But due to param she hug kulwant as well.. Dolly say about late pegfera?? Sarab cover up saying as we were enagged into so many things..

Inside hall mehar friends and ladies does joke on small small things just like family does enjoyment in marriages.. Later when Pegfera rasam start, Param come and ask for milk.. .

Mehar goes into kitchen to prepare.. While preparing milk kulwant come and give emotional speech on parents bonding, parents care etc and cry..

Precap: 1 hour special episode about param kidnapping..


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