Choti Sardarni 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sarab says would i be able to converse with Meher? Kulwant says she dozed. Sarab says would we be able to meet tomorrow? Kulwant says sure. Sharma comes to police headquarters to document a report. He says my child has been absent since three days. Reviewer says he would return don’t stress. Sharma sees Sarab’s photograph in paper. He says I think Sarab can support me. Meher sees a camera in her room. Kulwant sees her recording. Meher attempts to break the camera. Rana says for what reason would you say you are stressed at this point? Kulwamt says Sarabjeet. He needs to address meher.

Sharma comes outside Sarab’s home. Gatekeepers don’t give him access. Sarab says let him in. Sarab asks him what occurred. sharma demonstrates to him Manav’s photograph. He says this is my child. Sarab says that is manav. Sharma says he has been absent since three days. He adored a young lady. He went to her place. He has not been seen after that. Param says dad how about we go. Sarab requests that his man get his report recorded. Sarab says don’t stress he will get your report recorded. I would go with you in the event that I didn’t have a committment. Sharma goes with his man.

Kulwant comes to Meher and says prepare. You appear as though somebody has passed on. Come ground floor. Meher says for what reason did you slaughter manav? Kulwant says don’t set out to take that creature’s name. Meher continues taking Meher’s name. Kulwant slaps her. Amrita says mummy ji please stop. Kulwant slaps her once more. Meher tumbles down. Param says why has my mother fallen. A man comes in as well. Kulwant is stupified. It is Rana. Kulwant says she is picking her tops. Rana takes her outside. kulwant says you can’t do any show today. Amrita says she guaranteed on daddy’s photograph. Meher says she has a hoodlum in her heart thus she is concerned. Kulwant says in the event that you take a stab at doing anything I will execute this transgression.

Precap Kulwant leaves. Amrita says prepare Meher.


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