Choti Sardarni 2nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Meher looks down. SHe says Yuvi.. He says yes bua. Meher runs ground floor and checks down. She plays with children. He prepares. Bhabhi says what’s in your reverese checking that he generally tunes in. Meher says this is commencement. Yuvi’s dastar bandi is completing. Everybody praises Sarpanj. Sarpanj says God will give you loads of favors. She says how about we snap a picture.

Meher says one gift is left. She takes his him to his granddad’s photograph. She says you should take gifts from him as well. He was martyred for this nation. You ought to be glad. Gulbadn comes and says shouldn’t he be pleased to be my grandson? He disregarded me in this world. I constructed this business and this house for all of you. Yuvi’s father says your dadi is super daddi. Meher reviews her father giving her a piggyback ride that way.

Everybody desires family photograph. Hukumchand comes. She says Kulwand Kaur says appreciate this panjeri. I need to serve individuals. I moved toward becoming sarpanj, with your assistance I can progress toward becoming MLA and afterward serve.

She says my doors are constantly open for needy individuals. Get me one ticket. I can give 1 or 2 crores. He says the CM doesn’t give tickets for cash. Her child comes nd says turn out with me. Meher has made inconvenience. Meher has brought in all the needy individuals. Amrita accompanies Hukumchand. She says our mummy ji is so kindhearted. He says you merit a ticket.

Meher is heading off to her companions. Gulwand says for what reason did you call the langar? She says it got you numbers before Hukumchand. Gulwand says remove your shoes. Furthermore, wear mine. She says much obliged. Meher is going. Her sibling stops her. He says you can’t go. Without seeing the blessing. He demonstrates her a jeep. She says bless your heart. Gulwand gives her a bangles. She says thank you mummy ji. She drives her new jeep. A young lady says to Gulwand Jimmy, they are saardars. They need to send recommendations. She says they don’t have a name They aren’t well known like us. Somebody who has AC office and has hirelings.

Meher comes outside Manav’s shop. He says yes. She says what do you have? She says bring half plate of something. He says we have a rebate today. He says decent car. Where is the gathering? She says get me the sustenance first. He says I can make you anything. She offers desserts to everybody. She says would we be able to go? He says yes. Meher drives with Manav. She says would you drive? He says how might I take a gander at you at that point? She holds his hand and says this is our home on wheels now.

He gets her a memento. She says you would drive now. So I can see my moon now. Her mother calls. she says gracious God we are so late. She surges home and hits the vehicle to a police van. The overseer solicits Manva to get out from the vehicle. Manav embraces him and says sorry. We are so heartbroken. If it’s not too much trouble pardon. He says alright don’t do this once more. He releases them. Meher says wow you played so well. He says character. She says meet honey bee ji. mummy ji would state yes.

Amrita says the proposition was pleasant Why did you say no? Gulwand says I will locate the ideal counterpart for her. Meher says consider the possibility that I locate the ideal counterpart for myself.

Precap: A rich person comes. Gulwand says I need a person like him for Meher.


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