Choti Sardarni 31st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kulwant slaps Bitu and says how could she go out. Go she should be near. She says Amrita I requested that you persuade her. Harleen says to her significant other Kulwant was stressed for her little girl. He says she lies, I read tests of MA are finished. There is some kind of problem with this family. Harleen says don’t state that. They hear a clamor from the storage compartment. Harleen says proceed to check. He comes towards the storage compartment yet gets a call. Meher escapes and runs. Meher comes to police headquarters. Bitu and Rana are searching for Meher.

Kulwant asks Bitu might you be able to discover Meher? Try not to get back home on the off chance that you can’t discover her. Meher goes to the police headquarters and says I need to address the SHO. She sees a telephone. Meher sees a telephone. She calls Sharma. Jagga comes. He says Meher how about we return home. Meher says I wont’ return home. Mummy ji killed. He says how about we return home. He takes her home.

Param says to her educator, my mummy will come soon. I would be first. Sarab says you would consistently be first. Sarab embraces him. Jaga brings Meher home. He says she went to police headquarters to record a FIR. Meher says yes I did and I would go once more. I would get them condemned. Jaga picks the weapon and puts it on Meher. he says would you go? Meher says yes I would. They perpetrated a wrongdoing. Amrita says she is pregnant. What’s happening with you? Jagga says she has crossed all points of confinement. Kulwant says she has lost her brain. Leave it. She wouldn’t ever say my name. Meher says I would and I would reveal to them all you are a killer. You murdered my Manav. All of you are executioners. Disgrace on you. He came to get your gifts and you slaughtered him. Moms pass on for their children, you executed my joy. I have lost confidence in mankind. I will get you three condemned for this wrongdoing. Jagga picks the weapon. Meher says murder me. Murder me shoot me. I don’t wanna live. Jagga slaps her. He is in tears. He plunks down crying. Amrita embraces Meher. Meher swoons.

The woman specialist comes. She fills the infusion. Kulwant says do it. Amrita is crying. She is giving the infusion. Meher gets up and pushes her. Amrita says please spare Meher’s youngster God. If it’s not too much trouble demonstrate to us a way. Yuvi turns on the TV. Sarab is on the TV. Meher says don’t set out to contact me. On the off chance that anybody has a go at hurting my tyke I would slaughter you. Bitu and rana handle her. They tie her. Meher says leave me. Meher shouts. Meher says bhabhi please spare my tyke. Amrita says I think this is the main way. Meher shouts and cries.

Precap: Meher says I am prepared to Marry Sarabjeet. In any case, I have a condition.


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