Choti Sardarni 3rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Meher calls Manav. She says you are chuckling? He says I am your life. She says proceed to converse with my mother. He says not to soon. She says alright come when she finds a person for me. She says there are recommendations seeking me. He says I would come soon. sharma says to Manav purchase a telephone you call her from landline constantly. He says no I need to concentrate on my investigations.

Rana and Bitu come in. They take Meher’s telephone. He says let me check who were you conversing with. They get back to and somebody says Sharma dhaba. Bitu says what? You were requesting nourishment for yourself? Give me a chance to arrange as well. He says dhaba is shut. Gulwand says for what reason did you call there? Bitu says when we disclosed to her you requested that we watch out for you she was so furious. Gulwand slaps him and says you didn’t need to advise her. She says I need to discover a person for her soon.

Meher takes a gander at Manav’s photograph. She says for what reason don’t you have a telephone. Be that as it may, say thanks to God, on the off chance that you did I would be in a bad position. I should trust that paper will know the uplifting news you were discussing.

Next morning Meher sees the paper. The oldest sibling takes it. She says I needed to peruse. He says when did you begin perusing the paper? There is Manav’s photograph in the paper. She says from today. He says to make some tea first. Meher attempts to peruse it. Meher says to Gulwand tea? She says no. Meher says I was kidding. I didn’t mean it that way. I am grieved. Gulwand says I never restricted you from anything other than opportunity is better when it doesn’t hurt you. She says manipulate the flour. Meher takes a gander at the paper. Her sibling leaves. Meher comes there yet the paper is torn. she searches for the photograph. Yuvi has made the plane of that paper. She says offer it to me. He says n I need to fly the plane. Gulwand says let him play. He flies it. Meher jumps on the tree. She takes the paper and understands it. Manav has gotten an acknowledged for his doctorate certificate and his analysis.

Meher unravels Yuvi’s shoe bands. Amrita says how would you do it so effectively? They state the young lady who does it effectively, gets her adoration effectively. Meher says it’s so natural. Amrita says something in your office? She says nothing. Amrita says you are dressed. She says there is a capacity. Meher leaves.

Gulwand comes to meet Gill at a capacity. CM says to gulwand he is coming. Your fantasy is materializing. Gill comes in the convention. He is a youthful person. Everybody makes him wear laurels.

Meher comes outside dhaba. She moves. Manav hits the dance floor with her. Meher says specialist sahab. They all move and celebrate. She says you didn’t let me know. He says it was a shock. He sees her moving.

Gill meets Gulwand. They hear somebody got an electric stun. Gill hurries to him. He picks the specialist and says open your eyes. He gives him CPR. He requests that somebody bring water. Gulwand attempts to take water. She says to Bitu this is for impression. She comes there yet gill has water as of now. He lifts the person up. He says take a gander at Gulwand. She brought water. You should drink it. She is disturbed to drink that water yet she drinks.

Manav comes and Sharma gives him a name plate. It says Dr. Manav. Sharma says she made it. He says I am so fortunate to have a man like you who received me and instructed me. What’s more, her who adores me to such an extent. He embraces Sharma. Sharma says God will give you long life. Manav embraces Meher.

Gill says how are all of you kids? You are every one of our advantages. God has give us two ears to listen more. I wont’ bore you. I need all of you to make your folks pleased. My great wishes are with you. Gulwand says he is so decent. I need a person like him for Meher. Meher hangs the plate. She says meet veer ji now. He says I will meet your mummy ji. She says how about we go at that point. He says where? She says sanctuary. Meher and Manav come to layout. They implore together. Meher says I will supplicate that we get hitched soon and come here to ask together. Gill comes there as well. He remains alongside Meher. Every one of the three prostrate together.

Precap-Gill says one person n this villae got a doctorate qualification. He will make our fantasies work out as expected. I need to meet this Manav.


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