Choti Sardarni 5th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Manav caresses Meher’s face. Gulwand involves Amrita’s vicinity. She says you thought I won’t come. Amrtia is scared due to the fact meher isn’t there. Gulwand says you are disenchanted? She says no no i am so glad you got here.

Gill dances with the human beings. Manav holds her hand. he’s taking her out.

Gulwand sits inside. Amrtia’s mom says we are so happy you got here. Gulwand says wherein is meher? Amrti says she turned into here allow me see. Gulwand asks what did your nani gave? Yuvi says binoculars. She says then see in them where is your aunt. He says she left at four. Gulwand says what. wherein is Meher.

Meher and Manav hug each other. Manav holds her hand. He caresses her face. Meher reads amrtia’s text. She is scared. Meher runs.

Meher is on her manner. Amrita says she will be able to get me killed. Meher calls asmita and says i am coming. Amrtia says Yuvi told her each long and huge clock fingers were on four. Amrita gets the dance commenced. every person enjoys the dance. Meher comes outdoor. She calls amrita. Meher says convey yuvi outdoor. Meher is available in. Gulwand says in which did you go? Meher says to get Yuvi’s present. Gulwand says it took you 6 six hours? Yuvi instructed me. Meher indicates her yuvi’s watch isn’t working.

Meher remembers celebrating holi with Manav. He smiles too. Mehek holds her red dupatta. Sharma asks what are you wondering? Manav says about ultimate night time. sharma says what.. Manav syas the lohri occasion. Sharma says Gill asked you to fulfill him. He says I forgot. He runs.
Meher is very glad. She touches her dad’s picture. Meher remembers he requested her if she saw his shoes? Meher said no. She took them away from bed. He stated your new bangles.. He stated while you get married i will get you gold bangles. Meher says daddy why did you depart me alone. I recognise you will be satisfied for Manav and me.

Gill’s sister tries to convince him for Meher. She says in case you love param study this photo at least. Manav comes to satisfy gill. Gill says welcome come have aseat. Meher’s picture is at the table. Manav says i will’t consider i’m sitting in the front of you. I saw you in lohri too. Gill says it makes me so satisfied to look children like you. i’ve a dream. I wanted to make punjab no. 1 in agriculture. I want your research to help me. He places the e-book at the picture. Manav doesn’t see it. Gill says people in punjab don’t have sufficient water. Manav sats with my studies we are able to grow extra with less water. Param comes. Manav asks what’s your name? he says P for Param. Param has wrapped a garland around him. Param takes it out. Gill says i am your pal Manav allow me understand in case you ever want whatever. Your buddy would be there.

Gill’s sister says to Param let me fix your hair. Gill comes. She says Param wishes a mother. He says ship her picture back. I received’t marry.

Precap: Param says to Gill the following day we all should come with moms. Ask God to return my mother.


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