Choti Sardarni 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sarab says I got your quiet. I realize what it implies. In the event that you are not prepared, we won’t get hitched. He leaves.. Meher says tune in.. Sarab leaves. Sarab says Kulwant a debt of gratitude is in order for all that you did yet this wedding can’t occur. Meher disapproved of this wedding. He says we should go. Kulwant shouts Meher. Kulwant attempts to make meher drink the papaya juice. She was envisioning this. Sarab says would you say you are alright Meher? Meher says I am prepared for this marriage. Sara grins.

Sarab comes ground floor. Kulwant moves. Jagga says Meher is my lone sister. It would be ideal if you keep her Happy. Sarab embraces him. He says I get it. Param says for what reason is everybody moving? yuvi says your father is getting hitched. Param says father you said you would get my mother. Harleen says we would do the commitment. Kulwant says we can do it following 8 months or this week is the time. Harleen says we can do it this week. Kulwant says bring Meher ground floor.

Amrita embraces Meher. She says please say something. Amrita brings Meher ground floor. Meher sits alongside Sarab. She reviews her minutes with Manav. Light returns as well. Kulwant says such a decent shagun.

Police is en route to capture Kulwant and Meher. Kulwant embraces Harleen. They do all the riuals. Everybody salutes Sarab and Meher. Rana says draw close to her, he snaps their picture. Meher is in tears. Jagga gets a call. He says what.. He says I am coming. Jagga says I need to go for some work. Kulwant says how about we do the commitment tomorrow. Meher hacks. Sarab says would you say you are alright? Meher craves hurling. Kulwant says she isn’t well. She requests that Rana take her to room. Sarab says we can’t do commitment if meher isn’t alright. Kulwant says she is fine. Sarab says please let her recover soon. Tell us what specialist says. Harleen says we can do it following 8 months. Deal with meher. They leave.

Harleen says you did well by postponing the wedding. He says meher isn’t well. She says I recognize what you feel. I realize you ren’t prepared for this wedding. If it’s not too much trouble push forward with your new life. Kulwant go to Meher’s room. Amrita says she didn’t do it deliberately. Kulwant says she postponed it. Kulwant pulls her. Amrita says it isn’t her deficiency. Kulwant pushes Meher. She puts soil all over. Amrita cries. Meher si brimming with soil. She pours water on Meher. Meher cries. Police comes outside. He says we have a case about Manav sharma. Where is kulwant and meher. Meher focuses at Kulwant.

Precap-Sarab says we would get connected tomorrow. Meher gets drew in to Sarab.


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