Choti Sardarni 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The haldi begins. Harleen dances. She involves Meher’s haldi. Yuvi breaks the haldi water from slingshot. Yuvi says don’t contact my bua. she wont’ be Param’s mother.

Sarab says i get haldi so your mom comes quickly. Param says then i would get haldi too so she comes faster. Meher recalls how Kulwant applied dirt on her. Meher says I dont’ want any haldi. I don’t want any of this. She goes internal. each person is greatly surprised. Harleen is shocked too. Kulwant is going after Meher. Kulwant says she is unhappy because she would should leave this house.

Meher involves her room. Kulwant comes and slaps her. She hits her and says what do you want. Did you experience any shame while doing the sins? come with me. She is set to slap her. Meher holds her hand. She says don’t. Meher says you probably did my haldi the day before today. See these bruises. you probably did all of the rituals. let’s pass and display everyone how lots you love me. include me. Scared of having exposed? Kulwant kisses her hand and hugs her. Kulwant says you can hate and curse me. i am your mother. i can’t believe giving you ache. but if youngsters do the wrong mom has to stand for them. i will heal your bruises. She applies medication on her bruises.

Kulwant says to Meher i can apply haldo for your face. She sees her bruises. Kulwant says how may want to I see your existence being wasted. if your father turned into alive he might do the identical. I simplest desired your happiness. She applies haldi on her bruises. Kulwant says I stored your life from being hell. You all had been small when your dad left us. Did I ever assist you to all sense short of anything? I care about my youngsters. i can never be incorrect for my youngsters. let’s pass downstairs.

Harleen waits for Meher. A female says what happened. Kulwant says sorry, it wasn’t her fault. God took her dad from. She missed him. She couldn’t manage her emotions. He desired to peer her getting married. I implemented haldi to her in front of her dad’s picture.

Param applies haldi on Sarab’s face. Sarab hugs him. Meher’s haldi is going on. anyone dances in Sarab’s house. Jagga applies Mehndi on Meher’s face.
Meher sees Manav. The track do friend ruka plays. Meher smiles. He swipes her tears. Meher cries. Meher realizes he is long gone away. girls pour water on Meher. every body dances round Meher. Harleen dances too.

Harleen comes to Sarab’s house. She applies haldi on his face. Meher is in tears.

Precap-Meher’s buddy says in case you were lost, Manav might do some thing to find you. Meher says my manav is alive. i would discover him. She runs out.


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