Choti Sardarni 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Meher reviews her minutes with Manav. She takes a gander at her red dupatta. Meher sews it. Meher cries. Amrita says on the off chance that I might, I be able to would take all your torment in my destiny. You generally stated, if you don’t mind handle it. Meher now you handle yourself. This dupatta is manav’s affection. You are doing this for your child. You need to quit contemplating Manav.

Meher cries. Kulwant says to Tara would you say you are distraught? Tara says this is my police headquarters. This isn’t your panchayat. Kulwant says would you say you are terrifying me? Tara says should be frightened. Did this Manav go to your home? Kulwant says I don’t have any acquaintance with him. Tara says so sharma is lying? Kulwant says how might I know? We will be Sarb’.. Tara says Sarabjit has requested that we research this case. Where is your girl? Kulwant says she is getting connected tomorrow. I can’t bring her here today. Kindly don’t do this. How might you do that. My girl is getting hitched. Tara says sign here and go. This is only the start. I will examine each part of this case.

Sharma says Meher adores Manav. How might she get ready for marriage. Tara says this is the curve. This case would be amusing to solve.Kulwant says on the off chance that I knew Sharmw would do this, I would do likewise to him. He can’t battle me. Sarab calls Kulwant. She says yes let me give the telephone to Meher. Kulwant comes to Meher and says take the telephone and converse with sarab. Sarab says would you say you are feeling much improved? You sound surprise. Kulwant says converse with him. Sarab says your mother said you are vexed in light of the fact that I delayed the marriage. I am heartbroken, we will get ready for marriage. I could never hurt you. All that you state, just that would occur. Kulwant embraces her and says amazing. We should get ready for haldi.

Param awakens. He says I saw an alarming dream. Sarab says don’t be terrified. Phantoms are entertaining. I host had gatherings with them. Param says how are phantom gatherings? Sarab says close your eyes. He transforms into phantom and plays with Param. He hits the dance floor with Param. Param says I wanna be phantom as well. Sarab dresses him. They move together. Harleen comes and says who might realize such enormous government official would do this. he says these are largely parts of life. The haldi begins. Param says don’t make my father messy. He pours water all over. He cleans his face. A lady says he did terrible shagun.

Precap: Meher says before Harleen I would prefer not to do this.


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