Choti Sardarni 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Meher reviews how Kulwant connected soil on her. Meher says I dont’ need any haldi. I don’t need any of this. She heads inside. Everybody is stunned. Harleen is stunned as well. Kulwant follows Meher. Kulwant says she is dismal on the grounds that she would need to go out.

Meher goes to her room. Kulwant comes and slaps her. She hits her and says what do you need. Did you feel any disgrace while doing the wrongdoings? Accompany me. She is going to slap her. Meher holds her hand. She says don’t. Meher says you did my haldi yesterday. See these wounds. You did every one of the customs. We should proceed to indicate everybody the amount you cherish me. Accompany me. Terrified of getting uncovered? Kulwant kisses her hand and embraces her. Kulwant says you can loathe and revile me. I am your mom. I can’t envision giving you torment. Be that as it may, if children do an inappropriate mother needs to represent them. I will mend your wounds. She applies drug on her wounds.

Kulwant says to Meher I will apply haldo all over. She sees her wounds. Kulwant says how might I see your life being squandered. In the event that your dad was alive he would do likewise. I just needed your joy. She applies haldi on her wounds. Kulwant says I spared your life from being hellfire. All of you were little when your father left us. Did I at any point let all of you feel shy of anything? I care about my children. I can never not be right for my children. We should go first floor.

Harleen hangs tight for Meher. A lady says what occurred. Kulwant says sorry, it wasn’t her deficiency. God took her father from. She missed him. She couldn’t control her feelings. He needed to see her getting hitched. I connected haldi to her before her father’s photograph. Param applies haldi all over. Sarab embraces him. Meher’s haldi is going on. Everybody moves in Sarab’s home. Jagga applies Mehndi all over.

Meher sees Manav. The melody do buddy ruka plays. Meher grins. He swipes her tears. Meher cries. Meher acknowledges he is left. Ladies pour water on Meher. Everybody moves around Meher. Harleen moves as well. Harleen goes to Sarab’s home. She applies haldi all over. Meher is in tears.

Precap-Meher’s companion says in the event that you were lost, Manav would successfully discover you. Meher says my manav is alive. I would discover him. She runs out.


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