Choti Sardarni 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Meher’s companion Bubly calls her. She says you overlooked me with manav too? Congrats on your wedding. I met Sharma and he let me know Manav is missing. Meher says Manav.. Bubbly says what was the deal? Did you battle? For what reason would you say you are wedding Sarab? On the off chance that you were lost, Manav would move the universe to discover you. Disclose to me what occurred. Meher reviews and says Manav may be alive. I will discover you Manav. she runs ground floor. Amrita slams into somebody. she doesn’t see meher going out. Param prepares. He sees

Sarab and duplicates him. He dresses simply like Sarabjeet. Param says we are coordinating. Khushi says the shading is so terrible. Meher would call you monkey. Param says dad do I look like monkey? Sarab says no you look so attractive. He says call new mummy and ask her. I won’t wear it until she says. Sarab says how might I call her. He says I need to converse with her. Sarab gives him telephone and addresses him in ladies voice. He says you would look so attractive. Param says I adore you new mummy. Sarab comes in. Parama says dad new mummy prefers this shading. Param says I don’t have photograph with new mummy. I will take photograph with both of you first. Meher strolls out and about. Param sees her and says father Param’s mother is there she going some place. SArba doesn’t look. He says she is in photograph. Meher strolls out and about. She shouts and cries. Meher searches for him all over the place.

Sarab goes to Meher’s home. Kulwant invites them. Meher goes to the extension where Manav was tossed. She shouts and cries. Param says I need a photograph with my mum. Kulwant says I will get you a photograph with her. Param says my father would go as well. Meher sees manav’s hanky. yuvi says to Param I wont’ let you o inside. She is my bua. Param pees. Yuvi makes fun on him. Sarab takes param from that point. Jagga apologizes. He comes and searches for Meher. Rana says have you seen her? Jagga says yes I have, you. Jagga searches for Meher.

Meher strolls in the water. She swims to discover Manav. Meher sees Manav. She swims to him. Meher attempts to hold his hand. Manav huggs her. He moves from her. Kulwant comes to room and says where is meher.

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