Choti Sardarni 9th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Meher serves human beings in the dhaba. She offers payments to Manav.
Gill gives Param vehicle. Param says I don’t want mummy my papa is better than absolutely everyone’s mummy.

Meher works inside the dhaba. The spices get it her eyes. Manav runs and washes her hand. He says better? She says i am getting higher seeing you. He beverages the same water. Meher says must get more order. customers are sitting with Meher’s brother. he’s dazed to see her.

Gulwand involves GIll’s residence. His shield says you may’t are available without an appointment. She says i’m sarpanj. He says pass or we will send you to prison.

Veer says what is all this Meher? Manav comes and says you have were given sufficient of the test. Veer says you are the identical guy. Meher says I and my friends had been gambling reality an dare. She gave me this dare. Or asked me if you love me more or mummy. Veer hits the clients who misbehaved along with her. Meher says please don’t tell mummy. HE says I wont.

Gulwand waits for gill. He leaves in his automobile and doesn’t see her.

Meher says to Amrita ma go me this high priced get dressed why? Amrtia says this sort of pretty coloration. Bitu says amma wherein is something for my spouse to be? Gulwand says close up you don’t earn some thing.

Yuvi breaks something. Amrtia hits him. Gulwand says nobody could say a word to him. Jagiya says he you are spoiling him. Gulwand says to run the world you need to be spoiled.

Meher offers lassi to Gulwand and says why are you careworn? Gulwand takes it. Meher says what took place? She says nothihng. Manav’s waiter sends Meher’s cellphone lower back to her and with a letter allow’s exit the next day.

All youngsters bully param for sporting diaper. Param locks himself in the rest room.

Gill is in party assembly. He receives a name that Param is in washrroom. Gill rushes to the faculty. Param cries within the washroom. Gill reaches there. He says papa.. Gill says please open the door. i am here. HE breaks the door and alternatives Param. Param says I don’t wanna wear a diaper. Gill takes him home. He recollects Param soliciting for his mom. Gill says Param will have a mother.

Precap: Gulwand says this is my daughter Meher. What shortcomings does she have? Gill says none. i can meet her.


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