Yukito Kijashi
Christophe Waltz and others “Gunma” Original creator Faced with Yukito Kijashi

The Japan premiere of the movie ” Arita: Battle Angel “, a film produced by Hollywood realizing the sci-fi comic ” gunma ” in Japan, was held in Tokyo on April 14 and director Rosa Salazar , Christophe Waltz , Robert Rodriguez , John Landor (producer) entered. Four people were very impressed by the event holding in Japan which is the home town of the original.

This work is a sci-fi action that James Cameron of ” Avatar ” (2009) realized in manga artist · Yuki Kijyo Yukito ‘s comic book realized in screenplay / production. With the future set aside, Cyborg girl Arita (Rosa) with overwhelming fighting ability will explore the figure of searching for lost memory. On this day, Kijo himself and the Japanese dub version cast on Shiraishi Moego also entered.

Rosa, who came to Japan for the first time, greeted Japanese at the venue in Japanese, “I’m very happy to be in Arita’s home town,” he said. While expanding expectations for being able to share the dynamic and fierce alita that he played, I thanked the original author, Kijo, “I am thankful to the teacher who made a crazy world.”

Meanwhile, Christophe won twice by the Academy Award for Supportive Actor award at ” Injuries without Django ” and ” Inglourious Basterds ” also visits Japan for the first time. In this work I am playing cyber doctor · id, “Thank you for letting you play the favorite Ido role.I am glad that you are welcomed by you” Director Rodriguez also said, “I want to deliver the spirit of manga, it is a movie filled with love and hope that can be sympathized with universality, please enjoy.”

John, who was responsible for the production, said to the release of the same work that spent 20 years on the concept “I am very excited, the world in the paper is a moment when the world flies to the whole world with a big scale as it is” And comments. While excited about standing right beside the original author, he proudly said, “I have never been proud of myself as much as I was able to show my teacher the first time to my teacher two weeks ago.”

Prior to coming to Japan, Kijo also says that “my original work was blessed with the best staff and it became the world’s best movie”. I already admired the same work four times, “I have new discoveries every time I see it, everything is made of name scenes, it is interesting as if I wrote the original work”.

Film “Arita: Battle Angel” will be released nationwide from February 22


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