City Hunter
Fusion of nostalgia and freshness hit! – (C) Hojo Tsukasa / NSP · “2019 Theater version City Hunter” Production Committee

The movie ” Theater version City Hunter ” released on the 8th is good. It was ranked 4th in the animation work in the national film recruitment ranking of 2 days (February 9 – February 10) on Saturday and Sunday announced by the box office agency on the 12th.

The film was released at 251 theatres, and in the first weekend on the weekends and sundays, the number of spectators mobilized 179,980 people, box office income 257,118,8420 yen recorded. In the four days from the first day 8th to the 11th when it was a holiday, the mobilization 324,884 people, a start to the incredible start of 451,596,692 yen of income earned.

The original is a comic by Tsuji Hojo who started serialization at “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha) in 1985. In 1987, TV animation began broadcasting, a series of 140 episodes, three special movies in addition to special three films were produced, but since the 1999 broadcast television special, the long time passed as the resurrection for the first time in 20 years Was.

Still, he has won the 2nd place of 93.1 points in “Pia movie first-day satisfaction ranking”, and the evaluation on the review site such as Yahoo! movie and “Filmarks (fill marks)” is also superior. On SNS such as Twitter, the voice such as “Sayabi Ryo is cool as 20 years ago”, “a lot of nostalgic songs” “City Hunter but I did not know” has been received.

Kamiya Akira and Ikura Kazue are collecting the original voice actor casts, while the contemporary Shinjuku is set as the stage and the story involving the president of the IT company is expanded. We also have weekly visitor benefits and so on, and it is likely to continue a strong show.


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