It is also held this year! “Conan Cafe” – (C) Shogaku Aoyama / Yomiuri Television – TMS 1996 (C) 2019 Takeshi Aoyama / Detective Conan Production Committee

“Detective Conan Cafe 2019″ celebrates the opening of the movie version of ” Detective Conan the Blue Blue Fist ” on April 12, starting with the Tokyo / Osaka venue starting from March 26 It will be held for a limited time at 11 venues in 9 cities nationwide.

“Detective Conan Cafe” celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. This time, the cafe is developed with the theme of “party” which imaged the luxury of Singapore as the stage of the movie, and you can enjoy the menu named after the work. In addition, sales of original goods are also done.

The menu appeared as a main character in ‘Black dressing APTX 4869 curry (apotoxin curry) ~ Sherry vinegar dressing salad accompaniment’ and ‘Prussian blue fist’ which made poisons which caused Shinichi to appear as a child as a main character Such as ‘Illusion Pasta of Kaito Kid’ which meets the silly hat of Kaito Kid’s in a dish, many fancy special foods are prepared for the fans.

“Detective Conan Cafe 2019” is accepting reservations at the official website

■ Hokkaido venue: April 9 – June 2
■ Sendai venue: April 6 – June 2
■ Saitama venue: April 9 – June 2
■ Chiba Venue: April 6 – June 2
■ Tokyo (Shibuya) Venue: March 26 – June 2
■ Tokyo (Ikebukuro) Venue: April 4 – June 2
■ Nagoya Venue: March 30 – June 2
■ Osaka (Abeno) Venue: March 26 – June 2
■ Osaka (Umeda) Venue: March 28 – June 2
■ Hiroshima Venue: April 4 – June 2
■ Fukuoka Venue: April 2 – June 2


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