Coronavirus Lockdown Malayalam Film Producer Association Request To Actors And Technicians Reduce Their Fees

Cinemas have been badly affected since the lockdown was implemented due to the Corona virus. Many producers are losing money. In such a situation, the actors can cut their fees due to their economic status.

Producers in the Malayalam film industry have appealed to the actors. The film production work has stalled due to the Corona effect. In such a situation, the Malayalam film industry is going through a big loss. Large scale Malayalam films are stuck in production process. While many are set to release at all.

According to an IANS report, the Malayalam Film Producers Association has stated that many producers are going through a big loss situation. In such a situation, actors and technicians can work to rescue them. The association has appealed to its actors and technicians to cut their fees.

According to producer Suresh Kumar, who headed the association, actors and technicians have been requested to reduce their fees by 50 percent. This will make it easier to get the industry back on track after the lockdown ends. According to him 7 Malayalam films are set to release during Easter and Ramadan. While 26 films are stuck in production.

The association hopes that their actors and technicians will accept this appeal. Significantly, actors like Malayalam superstars Mohanlal, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Mammootty and Dileep charge the highest fees. Films of these stars are well-liked throughout India. Many films of these stars are ready for release, while many are almost ready.

The lockdown is in force in the country from 24 March. In the first phase, it was implemented by 14 April. In the second phase, this period was extended till 3 May. During this period, shooting of films and TV shows and other activities are completely closed.


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