COVID 19 Positive Celebrities: Many celebrities including Bachchan family have left Covid 19 positive, know the complete list

On Saturday night, there was a sensation in the film industry with the news that Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan have been caught in the corona virus. Amitabh himself gave information about this by tweeting. Since the news became common, prayers are being sought for the 77-year-old superhero. Amitabh has been admitted to Mumbai Nanavati Hospital, where he is undergoing treatment. Later, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aaradhya were also confirmed as Covid 19.

At the same time, Covid 19 has also been confirmed to Anupam Kher’s family. Except Anupam, everything else has turned positive. These include his mother Dulari, brother Raju Kher, his wife and niece. When Anupam gave information about this through social media, Kiran Kher asked for the blessings of everyone.

The impact of the corona virus outbreak across the country seems to be very good on the film industry and many celebrities have fallen prey to it. The good thing is that all is well. Among Bollywood celebrities, the corona virus was first heard through singer Kanika Kapoor . Kanika returned from London on 20 March, Kovid came in 19 test positives. The next day, police also filed a report against Kanika. He was charged with willful negligence.

Actually, according to the government guidelines, people coming from abroad were asked to stay in self-quarantine, but Kanika was accused of ignoring this guideline and having parties and meeting people. Kovid of all the people who came in contact with Kanika got 19 Tests and went to Quarantine. However, no other person who came in contact with him came out positive. The issue of Kanika was very popular in social media. Kanika was treated at Sanjay Gandhi PG Medical Institute. Kanika Kovid has recovered completely from 19.

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Veteran actor Kiran Kumar was found to have 19 positives on May 19. Though he was asymptomatic i.e. Karin Kovid was 19 infected but did not have symptoms. Kiran Kumar strictly quarantined himself at home and on May 27, he became completely negative.

Producer Karim Morani ‘s family has also been hit by Covid 19. Karim Morani and his Shaza Kovid were found to have 19 positives, which was confirmed on 6 April. According to reports, Shaza returned from Australia when a 21-day lockdown was announced. Shortly after Shaza, his sister Zoa Morani was also confirmed to have infected Covid 19. Zoa returned from Rajasthan on 15 March. However, all the Kovids had become negative 19.

Purab Kohli revealed on April 9 that he was infected with his wife Lucy Payton, daughter Inaya and son Osian Covid 19. Purab lives in London with his family. However, the entire family soon turned negative from Covid 19.

Covid 19 was confirmed to the whole family of TV actress Mohena Kumari . The entire family had to be hospitalized. Recently, the entire family of Bengali cinema’s well-known actress Koyal Malik has been confirmed to have Covid 19 infection.

At the same time, now Parth Samthan , the fame of the test, has also been confirmed as Covid 19. Parth resumed shooting a few days before the lockdown. Parth wrote on Instagram, “I have been found positive for Covid 19”. My systems are mids. I would request all those who have come in contact with me in the last few days, please get your inquiry done. BMC is in constant contact and I am in self-quarantine as per doctors’ instructions. I am thankful for their help. Please be safe and take care of yourself.


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