COVID-19 Positive Mohena Kumari Returns Why?

Television actress Mohina Kumari has returned home from the hospital despite being Corona positive (Covid-19 positive). Mohina has reported in Instagram Stories that she and the rest of her family are infected with coronavirus and are living in isolation at home.

She wrote on Instagram Story, “I am back home, but we are still COVID-19 positive. We are in complete isolation. We do not know how much more time it will take to get the test negative. We will be in the hospital for ten days.” Stayed in and maybe the virus was in my body five days before this. Hopefully it will take some more time to win the war with the virus, but till then we will have to follow strict rules. However, from the physical and mental point of view, we are right now Feeling. Thanks again for your support. “

Mohina was found coronavirus infected earlier this month. Her husband Suyesh Rawat, father-in-law and Uttarakhand Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj and mother-in-law are all Corona positives. Be it common or special, the corona virus havoc is visible on everyone. ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ fame actress Mohina Kumari Singh had turned Corona positive a few days ago. Not only Mohina but also her family members were found to be Corona positive. After which all the people were hospitalized. At the same time, news is coming out that Mohina has returned home.

However, Mohina is still not well. Mohina is still Corona positive despite this, she has come home. This information has been given by Mohina herself. However, with this Mohina has also told that she is currently in isolation at home. Not only Mohina but the whole family and the staff of the house, all the people have come home.

Mohina has given this information through her official Instagram account. Mohina wrote in her Instagram story, ‘I am back home … but we are still COVID-19 positive. We are completely in isolation. We do not know yet how many more days it will take for the Corona Report negative to arrive. We have been in the hospital for about 10 days.

Mohina further writes, ‘Coronavirus was in my body for five days before it was admitted. Hopefully, this virus will stay in the body for a few days and eventually I will be able to defeat it. But till then we will have to follow very strict rules. Well, we are all feeling well now. Thank you once again for your support.

Let me tell you that the symptoms of corona were found in Mohina’s family first in her mother-in-law. He had the first fever, which was not decreasing. When he was first tested for Corona, he came back negative. Due to its non-release of fever for several days, the test was done again. His second test turned out to be positive. After this, the entire household and staff were also tested. Apart from Mohina, her mother-in-law, other family members and some staff members were also found to be Corona positive.


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