COVID-19 Sandhya Mridul Slams China And Wuhan Wet Market For Reopening It

Film actress Sandhya Mridul has expressed her displeasure at the reopening of the Chinese market where the outbreak of Corona virus has reportedly started. She has angrily told people to eat themselves. Like people, Sandhya Mridul is also surprised by the reports that Chinese markets have again recovered after the outbreak of Corona virus responsible for the death of around 40,000 people worldwide. Obar is started, where the spread of the disease l

Actress Sandhya Mridul is shocked by the news of the reopening of Chinese markets as the outbreak of Corona virus has started in this city. While sharing one such news, he has expressed his anger on social media. Sandhya Mridul tweeted, ‘Are you serious? In addition to this, he also shared a punch emoji in the tweet.

Scientists believe that the corona virus that produced COVID-19 was first originated from a bat in China and spread to other animals before spreading to humans from the Chinese market. Various reports suggest that a 55-year-old man from China’s Hubei province may be the first person to be infected with Covid-19 through such a market. “The markets are operating exactly as they were before the corona virus,” the Washington Examiner quoted a reporter as saying on Sunday.

However, markets are under the watchful eye of guards, who ensure that no one is able to take photographs of blood-soaked floors, slaughter of dogs and rabbits and frightened animals imprisoned in cages. The Huan seafood market in Wuhan, China, is believed to be the epicenter of the corona virus, which devastated the world. It has infected millions of people in the United States alone and killed about 4 thousand people. Many scientists, medical experts and animal rights activists have called for a ban on China’s markets, but he does not appear to be taking lessons from this.


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