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Jahnvi asks Aakarsh to give her meet his a chance to mother. Aakarsh stands apprehensive. Jahnvi says she realized he would not concur, whatever it is they are hitched and can’t transform it, she needs to see her mom’s human face. Aakarsh inquires as to why. She says she needs to meet her and solicitation to let Aakarsh and her alone, however on the off chance that he wouldn’t like to, that is alright. Aakarsh concurs and says in the event that she needs to see his mom’s genuine face, at that point let us go. Jahnvi supposes she will discover truth now. Aakarsh takes Jahnvi in his vehicle to wilderness and says they need to walk a bit to meet his mom. She concurs and gets parched strolling. Akarsh offers her water through dark enchantment. She can’t and hearing water sound from wellspring close-by requests that he take her there. He takes her there and watches her drinking water.

A sentimental tune begins out of sight. Dayan discovers this out by means of dark enchantment and should she won’t let Jahnvi know her actual character and requests Kalnemi to stop Aakarsh and Jahnvni. Aakarsh takes Jahnvi to cemetery and says his mom remains here. Kalnemi cautions Aakarsh to return back as no body should know daayan’s actual character. Aakarsh cautions him to leave. Kalnemi assaults Aaakrsh. Aakarsh massacres him and strolls into cottage where he demonstrates an old woman and says she is his mom. Jahnvi asks in what capacity can such an elderly person be his mom. Daayan asks where is mani and what did ruler say before passing on, strangulating Jahnvi’s neck. Aakarsh stops mother and says he brought Jahnvi here. He goes in when Jahnvi seeks something. Daayan says she won’t get anything here. Jahnvi picks hatchet to assault daayan. Aakarsh returns and stops her and asks not to assault seeing his feeble mother. Jahnvi thinks when she realizes she can’t execute daayan like this, why she is superfluously attempting and why daayan is so feeble as human, she needs to discover how to slaughter daayan.

Brijesh chacha does pooja and gets mysterious blade to execute Aakarsh. Jahnvi returns home and figures where red stone must be. Veer strolls in and questions same. Brijesh with Prithvi and Vishakha and inquires as to whether Aakarsh is here. Jahnvi says no. Brijesh says he got an enchanted sword and amid birthday party, Jahnvi should cut Akarsk with this blade and kill him. Jahnvi asks in what manner can she. Pritvhi reminds that Aakarsh disturbed their family and even seized Rimpy, and in the event that she doesn’t execute Aakarsh, he will murder their entire family. Jahnvi again says she can’t. Prithvi says he will cut blade into Akash at that point. On the opposite side, Kalnemi incites daayan that Aakarsh is distraught in Jahnvi’s affection and will sell out her. Aakarsh cautions him not to incite maa against him. Daayan says she doesn’t have much time and should require devyani mani back soon. Aakarsh leaves. Jahnvi in her room supposes she can’t murder her affection Aakarsh, however then thinks consider the possibility that he slaughters her family, so it is better she executes him. Aakarsh rises and says he got a birthday present for her and keeps a little stone on floor and with enchantment transforms it into huge red stone. Jahnvi is flabbergasted to see that and inquires as to whether it is same red stone. He says yes and says he kept the two his guarantee, took her to his mom and even got this red stone. When he leaves, Veer strolls in and inquires as to whether it is same stone. Jahnvi says yes. The two of them remember lord telling about satrupa in red stone and choose to break it to get Satrupa out. Jahnvi brings iron street and hits stone, however it doesn’t harm a bit. Veer brings a major sledge and hits stone, yet nothing occurs. Jahnvi thinks back lord’s words before biting the dust nad rehashes them. Stone breaks and Satrupa rises out of it and flees.

Jahnvi keeps running behind Satrupa. Satrupa keeps running into gathering setting. Nandini sees her and asks who is she. Satrupa asks which decade is this. Nandini asks what, on the off chance that she jumped in here observing gathering. Satrupa sees Jahnvi and keeps running from that point. Jahnvi keeps running behind her, however Aakarsh sees Jahnvi and halting her asks where is she proceeding to send her to prepare. Jahnvi strolls to her room where Asha prepares her and commendations her excellence. Aakarsh sits tight for Jahnvi at birthday setting. Jahnvi strolls down. Everybody applaud her. Aakarsh says he disclosed to her that he will make her birthday uncommon with her most loved cake and music. Jahnvi asks where is music. He snaps fingers and Bulawe tujhe jo yariya meri galiyaan… tune… plays out of sight. Aakarsh moves wiht Jahnvi. Veer sees Satrupa n stairs and pursues her. She flees and changing her dress is seen between gathering visitors. Jahnvi’s family rotates around Jahnvi and Aakarsh while they move. Prithvi strolls to Aakarsh and wounds blade in his chest. Jahnvi stands stunned. Pritvhi requests that family escape now. Jahnvi opposes, yet family hauls her aside and hold her. Brijesh and Vishakha show fire light to Aakarsh to control him. Aakarsh breakdown while family endeavors to drag her away.

Precap Upcoming Daayan Episode Update: Jahnvi pulls blade from Aakarsh’s chest and spares his life. Aakarsh inquires as to for what reason did she return and ought to have given him a chance to bite the dust. She says she can’t as she… Satrupa gets entranced with Aakarsh’s attractiveness. Aakarsh asks who is she, lodging is shut for visitors for at some point. Satrupa says she fell in his adoration, how might she leave from him.


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