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Daayan Asha torments Jahnvi’s family. Veer gets mysterious knife to assault blade, yet Daayan assaults and discards him far. Daayan then assaults Jahnvi, however Aakarsh as daayan shields Jahnvi. Aakarsh tumbles down harmed. Jahnvi says Daayan will be rebuffed today. Daayan discards Aakrsh far and sayus her child can’t contact her presently, assaults Jahnvi over and again saying she will see who will spare her. Brutal finds otherworldly knife and picks it. Narendra argues Daayan to murder him and extra Jahnvi. Aakarsh likewise argues to save Jahnvi. Unforgiving assaults Daayan from behind and harms her. Daayan strangulates Harsh and discards him. Narendra asks how is daayan harmed when she is everlasting. Aakarsh demonstrates mani on floor and says as a result of this mani, maa was unfading. He breaks mani into 2 parts while

Daayan argues not to as she got mani following 500 years of extreme reflection. An abhorrence develops out of mani and cautions that they fouled up by breaking 1000-year-old mani and they all incredible. Aakarsh picks mani and reveals to Daayan that she needs to leave this world. Daayan vanishes. Cruel breaths last. Family encompasses him and argues not to go. He says he committed an error and should bite the dust, solicits Jahnvi to take care from family and Prithvi/Vishaka to deal with his infant and passes away. Family cries holding him.

Asha comes back to her sanctum harmed and thinks why she isn’t mending even in the wake of being eternal, who was the malicious who risen after mani was broken, no one but Betalini can support her. Shrewdness flies in sky and thinks world has changed a ton in 1000 years. He achieves a protected spot and thinks mani broke on account of Daayan, Aakarsh, and Jahnvi, so he ought to rebuff them. Daayan strolls into Betalini’s sanctum and tying her with dark enchantment demands to advise how to get back her mani and who was the underhanded who risen wheen mani was broken. Betalini says he was mani daitya and no one but he can support her, so she ought to ask daitya and get back her forces from him. Daayan trusts her. Betalini thinks Daayan disturbed her, so she lied. When she comes back to her sanctum, daitya develops and assaults her colloquialism as a result of her, Aakarsh, and Jahnvi, mani broke into 2 pieces. Daayan says Jahnvi is principle guilty party, so he ought to proceed to murder her. Daitya vanishes. Daayan grins figuring no one can spare Jahnvi now.

Family cries thinking back Harsh’s penance to spare them. Aakarsh talks with his infant, spoils Jahnvi, and the two of them nod off. Daitya shows up there and seeing Jahnvi pregnant tosses some dark enchantment on Jahnvi and Aakarsh and leaves supposing he rebuffed them both. In hallway, Prachi sincerely discloses to Veer how Harsh used to give her best blessings on rakhsha bandhan. Veer sees daitya and tails him. Daitya vanishes and showing up from behind inquires as to whether he is looking through him and vanishes once more. Daayan supplicates Daitya. Daitya rises and says he isn’t a daayan or chudail to give her superpowers and vanishes. Daayan keeps asking supposing he will help her without a doubt. Jahnvi gets work torment and is raced to emergency clinic. Family holds up outside while Aakarsh goes with Jahnvi into ultrasonography room. Specialist does her ultrasonography and says child is part into two parts and shockingly is as yet breathing regularly, yet they have to get infant prematurely ended soon. Aakars

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