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Aakarsh says he will attempt to spare his child at any expense. Prachi and Veer remind Brijesh about mani Daitya and state perhaps mani daitya is in charge of this, so he ought to supplicate and look for his assistance. Mani daitya watches it on his palm through dark enchantment and supposes he needs them to call him. Brijesh asks mani daitya and calls him. Mani Daitya rises and inquires as to for what reason did he call him. Brijesh inquires as to whether he split Jahnvi’s infant into 2 parts. Mani Daitya concurs and says Jahnvi, Aakarsh, and Daayan broke mani into 2 parts, so he rebuffed Jahnvi. Brijesh solicitations to refix Jahnv’s child. Mani Daitya says he will in the event that he brings Jahnvi to his cavern. Brijesh concurs.

Aakarsh guarantees Jahnvi that he will spare their child at any expense and is going to daayan lok to go up against maa. When he vanishes, Brijesh strolls in and illuminates Jahnvi what Mani Daitya advised and takes her to Mani Daitya’s cavern. They see Daayan arguing Mani Daitya to restore her forces and acknowledge Mani Daitya is more dominant than Daayan. Jahnvi strolls to him. Daayan yells for what reason did she come here. Mani Daitya orders Daayan not to assault Daayan. Jahnvi stands up to Mani Daitya for hurting her child. Mani Daitya the two of them are in charge of breaking mani into 2, so whoever takes mani pieces back to him, he will satisfy their desire. At home, family gets stressed for Jahnvi not discovering her at home.

Aakarsh returns home. Family inquires as to whether Jahnvi was not with him. He says he had gone to daayan lok and didn’t discover maa there. Jahnvi returns and advises that Mani Daitya split her infant into 2 parts and what he told. Aakarsh yelling in indignation how dare Mani Daitya is to hurt his infant, he won’t extra Mani Daitya. Jahnvi says they should consider getting mani from a different universe as it is difficult to battle with mani daitya. Aakarsh achieves Mani Daitya and attempts to battle with him. Mani Daitya rebuffs Aakarsh and cautions him to return back, else he will slaughter him. Aakarsh returns back home harmed. Jahnvi treats him and mends his wounds. Mani Daitya thinks Jahnvi spared Aakarsh, else he would have kicked the bucket with my assault.

Daayan comes back to her daayan lok and cheerfully advises Betalini that Mani Daitya will restore her forces in the event that she discovers mani pieces. Betalini thinks if Daayan turns out to be amazing once more, she will make her as slave, so she ought not help Daayan. Daayan look through mani in all universes by means of dark enchantment, yet does not discover it. Aakarsh in the wake of reasoning a great deal discloses to Jahnvi that they ought to disregard their infant in the event that they need to shield this world from maa, else if maa discovers mani by means of him, she will make ruin on the planet like previously. Jahnvi indignantly goes up against him how could he is to consider slaughtering their kid, how might she live without her infant. Aakarsh persuades her some way or another. Daayan figures when her child does not need his infant, for what reason will he discover mani for her. Jahnvi dreams of being attached to a column and her infant sobbing for her, Mani Daitya shows up there to execute child. She awakens stressed. Aakarsh supports her. Following day, Mani Daitya strolls to them and inquires as to for what reason didn’t they begin looking through mani. Aakarsh inquires as to for what reason should they, they are prepared to lose their infant. Mani Daitya says on the off chance that they don’t join mani, he will blast into flame soon which can consume entire world, so he demands them to discover mani pieces for ensure this world. Aakarsh concurs. Mani Daitya says he will discover mani in Pisach lok.

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Precap: Aakarsh apologizes Jahnvi for considering isolating infant from her/mom. Daayan says Aakarsh and Jahnvi themselves will handover mani to her. Brijesh illuminates family that Jahnvi and Aakarsh are going to pisach lok to discover mani.


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