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Jahnvi freezes in resentment and harms her hand. Aakarsh enters and asks where is Satrupa. Jahnvi yells his mom took Satrupa away, she was his last expectation, recover her to her. Aakarsh thinks who is Satrupa and why his mom and Jahnvi both need her. Daayan takes Satrupa to her lair and tying her asks where is devyani mani. Satrupa says she doesn’t know any cash.

Satrupa spellbinds Kalnemi who assaults Daayan. Daayan breaks his trance induction. Kalnemi apologizes Daayan. Daayan cautions him not to investigate Satrupa’s eyes and blindfolds Satrupa’s eyes. Jahnvi educates Brijesh about daayan grabbing Satrupa. Brijesh says Daayan more likely than not taken Satrupa to her mystery sanctum in daayan lok/world. Jahnvi solicitations to support her. Brijesh says on the off chance that he helps, Daayan will hurt family, so he can’t support her. She demands and requests to reveal to him an approach to reach daayan lok. Brijesh says there is a baba named Ayaami baba who can send individuals into various universes. Jahnvi demands him to take her to baba. Brijesh takes her to baba and requests that he send Jahnvi to dayan lok. Baba inquires as to whether he needs to slaughter this young lady, he realizes no one came back from daayan lok till now. Jahnvi demands baba. Brijesh says his family is in risk. Baba denies and, after its all said and done, yet abandons Jahnvi’s assurance.

Aakarsh achieves daayan’s lair and pointing at Satrupa asks who is this young lady. Daayan says she is Satrupa who thinks about mani. Aakarsh asks Satrupa where is mani, what she thinks about it. Satrupa requests to investigate her eyes and endeavors to draw him. Daayan cautions Aakarsh to never investigate Satrupa’s eyes,else she will mesmerize him. Aakarsh keeps addressing Satrupa looking inverse way. She baits him to investigate her eyes and her excellence. On the opposite side, Baba consents to send Jahnvi to daayan lok and says just her spirit can go there and she needs to return inside 1 house, else her body will spoiled and she wmay not return back to life once more. He demonstrates clock and says she needs to return before sand tumbles down. Pritvhi says he can’t give his sister a chance to chance her life. Jahnvi says nothing will happen to her as Aakarsh is there to help her in daayan lok. Ayaami baba sends her spirit requesting to return back soon. In daayan lok, Satrupa says she will uncover mani’s mystery if daayan gives her child Aakarsh to her. Daayan orders Kalnemi to ruin Satrupa’s face. Satrupa consents to uncover mani’s mystery when daayan and Kalnemi sense human in her reality and race to check. Aakarsh likewise pursuits and ranges Jahnvi, asks what is she doing here. Jahnvi says she came to take Satrupa from here. Aakarsh faculties his mom and Kalnemi around and vanishes with Jahnvi. He takes her to Satrupa and she liberates Satrupa’s hand. Satrupa assaults Aakarsh and is going to slaughter him when Jahnvi stops her. Satrupa says she won’t murder Aakarsh as she adores him, inquires as to for what reason did she come here. Jahnvi says she acted the hero Satrupa from here. Brijesh and Pritvhi see over 95% sand descending and alarm. Aakrsh asks Jahnvi to go from here before sand descends totally. Satrupa says Jahnvi is bold to hazard her life and come here. Jahnvi says she doesn’t know to return. Aakarsh asks Satrupa to take Jahnvi from here. Satrupa requests that her nearby her eyes and takes her back. Baba is going to pulverize Jahnvi’s body when Jahnvi returns and opens here eyes. Satrupa develops and says Jahnvi is feeble as she returned finally minute, she will retun to meet once she recovers, and vanishes.

Aakarsh comes back to royal residence and inquires as to whether Jahnvi returned. Asha says not yet. Jahnvi comes back with Brijesh, Pritvhi, and Veer. Aakarsh surges her to room. Pritvhi cautions Aakarsh to get out. Jahnvi says she is alive due to Aakarsh and he won’t hurt her. Pritvhi leaves cautioning Aakarsh not to hurt Jahnvi. Aakarsh goes up against Jahnvi and admonishes her for taking a chance with her life to bring Satrupa, inquires as to whether she is ravenous behind mani. Jahnvi says she needs cash to end his mom, she needed to save her for the good of he, yet she murdered her relatives, so she won’t extra daayan. Satrupa watches their nok jhok and supposes they adore each other to such an extent…

Precap Upcoming Daayan Episode Update: Aakarsh stands up to Daayan to not hurt Jahnvi and her family. Daayan assaults him and says today either mother or child will kick the bucket. Aakarsh counterattacks her. Satrupa watches covering up.


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