The shooting of Salman Khan’s movie ‘Dabangg 3’ has not started yet.

Dabang 3: Salman Khan, accused of insulting Shivalinga
Salman Khan (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Even a week has not elapsed that the film has been debated in a religious and political controversy. The film’s makers and Salman Khan have alleged that during the shooting, they insulted Shivling. Dancing and singing scenes were filmed by keeping the girl over Shivling. Now Salman Khan has offered his clemency on this subject.

It was told in the news of DNA that after getting to know about the disputes, Salman talked to the media himself. He told the local media present there, “The wooden rails were kept at Shivaling so that we do not insult the sacred Shivling in any form and after the shoot, those tracks were removed.”

Salman Khan is shooting for this movie at Maheshwar in Indore (Indore). Now the debate between the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress party has begun. BJP MLA from Bhujpur constituency and BJP’s state legislator Rameshwar Sharma, in a statement, alleged in a statement that since the Kamnath-led Congress government has been formed in the state, the religious sentiments of Hindus are being played out since then. He demanded that an FIR should be lodged against the culprits of the alleged insulting of Shivalinga during the shooting of Salman’s film in Maheshwar.

Shobha Ojha (Shobha Ojha), president of Media Congress Committee, said, “Although we are not committed to answering Sharma’s statement, but due to this narrow mindset of BJP leaders, the 15-year-old government of this party The state was not able to develop in the state. “

State Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Jitu Patwari said, “Salman is such a great actor who always gives message of universal brotherhood but the BJP’s thinking is full of hatred and this party wants to take a political advantage by fighting people. The BJP should give up its mindset and stop unrestrained rhetoric in the development of the state. “

In this way, the dispute is now being seen to hold political balance from the religious. Talk about the film ‘Dabangg 3’, Salman said today that for the film, he completed shooting of the title song ‘Hud Hud Dabang’.

This film is directed by Prabhudeva and is being produced by Salman with his brother Arbaaz Khan.


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