Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are considered to be the most beautiful, caring and loving couples in Bollywood. Currently both are quarantined in the house due to lockdown and are enjoying full on this time. Deepika is sharing a new post on her Instagram daily and is entertaining the fans.

Actually, Deepika has started a season on Instagram. In which she shares a new episode with a new photo every day. Through these episodes, Deepika is also motivating fans how to take care of themselves and have fun while staying at home.

Every episode of this season of the actress is getting very funny. After a post, the fans are waiting for what Deepika will do next day. Taking this sequence further, the seventh episode of the season that the actress has shared is quite funny. In this episode, Deepika did not leave her husband Ranveer Singh too.

Actually, in the 6th episode, Deepika shared some slip photos on which the kitchen material was written. In the seventh episode, the actress put one such slip on Ranveer. That too when he was sleeping. The actress has also shared a photo of her fun on Instagram, in which Ranveer Singh is seen sleeping and his forehead has a slip, ‘HUSBAND’. Actress, this photo is being discussed a lot. People are calling it very funny. ‘I’ll see you’

People are commenting enthusiastically on this photo of Deepika. Someone said to Ranveer Singh that she sleeps while making hair. So someone is showing love on both of them. Among these comments, Ranveer has also commented on his photo. Commenting, the actor wrote, ‘Marie Kondo ki bacchi .. I will see you’.


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