Preparing to play a character is as important for any artist as acting, especially when the character is completely different from the real life of the artist. An actor has to face many challenges to change the character from his body and idea to liven up the character.

Kanan Malhotra, who is currently playing the character of Lord Vishnu in the Dangal channel serial ‘Devi Adi Parashakti’, has also done extensive research for about four years to get into this role. This not only helped him in acting but at the same time his interest in Ved Puranas also increased.

Kanan says, “It’s been almost 4 years since I got this role, I not only did research on Vishnu but also understood with heart.” Goddess Adi Para Shakti is my second mythological serial, where I became Vishnu. When I got the opportunity to play this role for the first time, I grew curious to understand Vishnu. On the Internet, I read about Vishnu and also studied it deeply.

Kanan has worked hard to play the character of Vishnu. He says, “I read the Bhagavad Gita and looked at the Ramayana – Mahabharata so that I would play the character of Lord Vishnu in its entirety. To become Vishnu, I understood the nuances of his posture, gait and slope. To purify his Hindi pronunciation Read many books for 

Kanan had earlier played the role of Vishnu in the Mahakali – Anthi Abhiram Hai Hai serial. He became Yudhishthira in Suryaputra Karna. Shani played the character of King Harishchandra. He played the role of Bharata in Ram Siya’s Love Kush Show. Kanan started his television career in 2010 with the show Chand Khud Badal.


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