Devi Aadi Parashakti: shooting started after corona virus lockdown, actors told set experiences

The entire country went into lockdown due to the outbreak of the corona virus pannedemic. It also had a wide impact on the film industry and the TV industry. Shooting of serials and films stopped. But now, after getting conditional shooting permission, the vehicle is slowly returning to the track.

Devi Adi Parashakti became the first mythological show in the TV world to start shooting after lockdown. After the lockdown, shooting of legendary shows has become difficult. In such shows, artists have to wear heavy costumes. Now even stringent guidelines have to be followed, which remains a challenge for artists.

Rati Pandey, who plays Goddess Parvati in the show, said- “To be honest, I feel very good that I have started working again. Ever since we started shooting, the production team has been making arrangements for cleanliness and safety. All crew members wear masks. Everyone’s temperature and blood pressure are being checked at regular intervals. Even the private cars we came in were sanitized.

The set of the show to be aired on Dangal TV is located in Umargaon, Gujarat, which is the green zone for the corona virus. So the entire crew, including actors Tarun Khanna and Rati Pandey, had to stay in the quarantine for 14 days. Tarun Khanna told- “The makers have ensured that a doctor visits every team member twice a day to get their temperature and pulse checked and this is done even before the shoot.

Right outside our studio we all go through a sanitized tunnel and the body temperature is checked once again. All other protocols are taken care of. Personal experience, I was the first time I was away from the camera for so long. And I am really happy to be back in front of the camera. ”


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