Devoleena Bhattacharjee Blast On Arhaan Khan Says He Is Harassing Rashami Desai Mentally

TV actress Rashmi Desai and her ex-friend Arhan Khan have now jumped into the game, Devoleena Bhattacharjee. Devoleena calls Arhan a fraud and also says that he has taken advantage of Rashmi. Speaking to the Times of India, Devoleena said, ‘Rashmi is my very best friend and can fight her own battle. I support her, but also give her that much space.

‘Rashmi trusted a cheater and fraud person and now she is paying her compensation. He had no idea of ​​Arhaan’s intentions. But thanks to Salman Khan sir, he exposed Arhaan. Salman reveals the real face of Sir Arhan and opens Rashmi’s eyes’.

Devoleena further said, ‘He also took advantage of the checks Rashmi gave to Arhan. Rashmi had no idea that his checks would be such a miss. Arhaan has taken advantage of it in every way, whether it is in terms of money or publicity. Now he is harassing her mentally ‘.

On the allegations on Arshan’s Rashmi, Devo said, ‘Who is that? Who knew him before Bigg Boss? It was because of Rashmi that she got that show, Rashmi is a famous actress who has been a part of this industry for almost 18 years. He is accusing Rashmi that she is doing this to tarnish her image. He is saying that he invested money in business with Rashmi. What a joke … there was no place to live in Mumbai, from where he brought money to invest in business. I am very worried for Rashmi. Arhaan is spoiling his name ‘.


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