Dharmendra Spotted Crying In Isha Deol Wedding Video Viral On Social Media

All are currently locked in their homes in lockdown. In such a situation, everyone is spending full time with the family at home. At the same time, stars also stay connected with their fans through social media. Meanwhile, the stars are also sharing old memories with their latest pictures and videos. Meanwhile, actress Isha Deol, daughter of veteran actor Dharmendra, has also shared a video. This video of Isha is very special.

Isha Deol, who recently shared a very emotional video on her Instagram account. Actually, this video is of Isha Deol’s farewell ceremony. In this video, his father Dharmendra is seen crying bitterly in Isha’s farewell. Isha is seen remembering her emotional moments while thanking @badalrajacompany for making the video in the post.

She still cries after watching this video of Isha Deol. In this video, along with Papa Dharmendra and mother Hema Malini, there are many family members who are very close to them. In such a situation, he cried during farewell. At the same time, his mother actress Hema Malini is seen strengthening herself.

This video of Isha Deol is very much liked. Fans are constantly commenting on this. In the videos, you can see that Isha Lal is very beautiful in the couple. At the same time, in this video, as soon as Isha hugs her father, Dharmendra, standing by himself, becomes emotional. Isha embraces her mother and Hema blesses them with a smile. The video of Isha’s farewell is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

Bollywood celebs are reliving their old memories during lockdown. In such a situation, she is sharing old and beautiful pictures and videos with her fans. Actress Isha Deol is also second to none in this case. Isha Deol has shared a video of her wedding that is making someone emotional. Actually, this video is of Isha Deol’s farewell.

In the viral video, where Isha is unable to control her emotions and her tears are seen spilling, Dharmendra appeared the most emotional in the farewell of the daughter during this period. In the video, you can see that during this time Hema Malini has handled herself quite a lot though the expressions of leaving the daughter forever on her face are clearly visible.

While sharing the video, Isha has told that every time she watches this video, tears start flowing from her eyes when she is very little, but this video makes her cry.

Isha Deol and Bharat did love marriage in the year 2012. After marriage, Isha distanced herself from films. Isha started her film career in the year 2002 with the film ‘Koi Mere Dil Se Ask’. He also received a Filmfare Award for this film.

Apart from that, the films ‘Kya Dil Ne Kiya’, ‘Kuch To Hai’, ‘LOC Kargil’, ‘Yuva’, ‘Dhoom’, ‘Kaal’, ‘No Entry’, ‘Darling’, ‘Cash’, ‘Tell Me’ O Khuda has also been seen. Recently, Isha Deol was seen with Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal’s royal wedding reception with her family.

Bollywood veteran actor Dharmendra is very active on social media. Due to the lockdown, the actor is spending time at his farmhouse, but he does not leave a single chance to join the fans. Dharmendra often shares his videos and photos and informs fans about his activity. Recently, the actor shared another video, in which he told that he is reading the comments of the people who came to his post. He said in the video that he wants to answer everyone, but I do not have that much power.

This video of Dharmendra (Dharmendra) is becoming very viral, as well as social media users are commenting on it. He said in the video, “Hello guys, how are you guys. I am reading your people’s comments, it is very fun. Yes, I want to reply to everyone, but I do not have that much strength. I can answer some, Gotta take it with love. ” Further, the actor also advised to avoid Corona. He said, “Avoid Corona, it is a very vicious and dirty disease. Take care of yourself, your children, humanity from all sides.”

Sharing the video, Dharmendra wrote, “My love to all of you, I wish I could answer everyone.” Let me tell you that Dharmendra often replies to the comments of his fans and the fans also like this style of actor. Please tell that Dharmendra’s real name is Dharam Singh Deol. Dharmendra’s childhood was spent in Sahnewal. Dharmendra’s father was the school headmaster. Dharmendra made his Bollywood debut in 1960 with Arjun Hingorani’s film ‘Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere’. Dharmendra was ranked among the world’s most handsome men in the mid-1970s. Dharmendra has also been awarded the World Iron Man Award.


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