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The Episode starts with Rocky telling Sania that he wants to do a job and work for family. She says you will get bored and create a mess, you do something where you can be your own boss, think of my dad’s proposal, its a right deal, uncle is emotional but you have to be practical. Happy gets praised by manager for selling many units. He says you broke records and now you will get bonus. She thanks him. Rocky says its our house, we can sell it for our need. Sania asks do you trust me. He says yes.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 25th February 2019

She says I trust my dad, he will do the best for you and your family. Chintu also wanted this, think of this, all the tensions will end, talking about memories, its in your heart, not in the house, Chintu will stay in our hearts always, its time to move on. He says fine, I will talk to Kulwant and check with Bappi also. He recalls Bappi and his fight. Rocky goes and meets Bappi.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 25th February

Bappi says Chintu wanted to explain you always, you have to reform, you have no option. Rocky says I will change, I promise, I will fulfill Chintu’s dream, but how. Bappi tries to help. Happy goes home and tells the good news of getting bonus. She gives money for monthly expenses. Rocky comes to meet Happy. She says sorry, I can’t let you inside, tell me what is it. He says Bappi told me that you have half share of hotel and house property after Chintu’s death, you were Chintu’s wife, actually I….

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 25 February 2019

Happy says you want me to sign the papers and return that property, right, tell me where to sign. He recalls Biji’s words. He says Bappi will make papers ready and sign. She agrees to sign. She says I will bring water for you. She sees he has left. Rocky leaves after talking to Jeetu. Happy asks how do you know Rocky. Jeetu says Rocky is very good, he got me admitted in school. Happy recalls Chintu’s words and sees Rocky going. Rocky comes home.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji 25 February

Biji asks him to come and have food. He gets Sania’s message. He thinks I m doing this for family’s sake, I have to get Kulwant’s sign without telling him, this is best for them. He lies to Kulwant to take his signs. He puts hot tea on his hand. Kulwant worries for him. Rocky asks him to sign the papers fast. Kulwant signs. Madhu says one day you will be proud of Rocky. Rocky thinks am I doing right. Manager gives a good job opportunity to Happy. She smiles.

He says if you wish to stay there, you will get a house from company. She asks are you joking. He says I m serious, I know leaving hometown is big decision, think and tell me your decision soon. She says thanks, I m deserving and its big thing you considered me, I will tell you soon. She goes and says Chintu said right, everything is happening right with me. Rocky talks to Simmi. She says you saved the house, this house is imp as we have Chintu’s memories here. He sends her and recalls Chintu’s words. He thinks am I doing the right thing by selling the house.

Precap: Dil To Happy Hai Ji 25 February 2019 Written Update Bhatia says Kulwant sent me to jail for small thing, I will do same with him. He pays his goons. The goons try to burn the house.


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