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The Episode begins with Rocky contending with Happy. She says none realizes RV superior to me. He says he ought to have been here to meet me, where is he, he is certainly not a correct individual. She gets furious and says he spared me and helped me generally, he is my emotionally supportive network. He says he saw the lodging in misfortune and left, you are here as is the inn, yet he is feeling the loss of, its his actual face. She says once we get the DNA report, your veil will fall off. He gets stunned and grins. RV calls her and says the DNA reports are negative, Shaan can’t be Rocky. She supposes for what reason do I feel that he is doubtlessly Rocky, did he play any new trap. Rough revealed to Babbi that RV will complete DNA test. Cheerful says the reports aren’t right, discard the reports.

RV says kindly don’t utter a word before him. Shaan says RV ought to have lied that Dna reports coordinated, grieved, well, let me disclose to you one truth, you may feel settled, I never had such extraordinary buttermilk ever, its reality. She cries. He says regardless you speculate me, in spite of knowing the consequences of Dna reports, you need to trust it. Upbeat says perhaps there is some messing with the Dna tests. RV says I got Shaan’s hairbrush. Rough reviews that RV got Babbi’s hairbrush. RV says I m certain about it. Rough tricked RV and sending RV to his room. RV says he is in front of him, let him be cheerful and feel that he won, stop him there, I m coming. Rough does Shayari. Sandhya requests that Smiley sit in front of the television. Smiley gets infuriated seeing Rocky on the news. The family gets stunned seeing Rocky, who is presented as Shaan. Kulwant irately goes.

Sandhya goes to Happy and asks when did you begin misleading me, you realized Rocky is out of prison, you didn’t consider letting us know, you went to meet him in the gathering, why. She asks would you be able to clarify what Rocky did with Smiley, you didn’t consider him. She sees Rocky there and admonishes him. His gatekeepers come. RV comes and stops Sandhya. He says I m here to oversee everything. He sends Sandhya with Happy. Rough insults RV for treating him in an uncommon manner. He says I comprehend the torment of Happy’s mother, you should concentrate on me more than the case, I will put resources into the lodging if everything goes on fine, so I m out of your doubt, I m not unreasonably criticized Rocky, you perhaps beyond any doubt that you can manage me. They shake hands. Rough says I will see you and Happy at night. Rough leaves.

Madhu comes there to meet him. He gets passionate and wears the glasses. Watchman moves her. Rough chastens the gatekeeper and aides Madhu. He thinks about Madhu. Madhu cries seeing him. Rough says she is my mother. She says call me mother once. He says she resembles my mother. He says you can deceive the world, yet not me, call me mother and embrace me, I m longing to embrace you, how might you cheat me. She cries. He leaves. Lukka chupi… .plays… . Rough cries. RV sees Madhu. He supposes she tumbled down and Shaan couldn’t endure it.

Cheerful says I was going to let you know, we needed to affirm in the event that he is Rocky or Shaan. Smiley cries in dread. Sandhya says fend off us from that creature. Kulwant says trust me, he can’t be Rocky, each individual has twins on the planet, Shaan takes after Rocky. Rough says an individual can act before the world, yet not before mum. He swings to see… .

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Precap Upcoming Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji Episode Update: Sania comes to him and says I can remember you, you are my Rocky. Kulwant says he shouldn’t know it. RV concurs.


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