Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Rocky missing Chintu and wearing his talented watch. He says don’t realize if he has forgiven me. Simmi says he can by no means be irritated on you, consciousness on deal. He hugs her. Sania asks the person to preserve a watch on Happy and discover. Bhatia asks is the whole thing in accordance to plan. She says sure, I had by no means imagined that i will do that to do this to get Rocky returned in my existence, he’s my buddy, however Happy has interfered in our friendship, he doesn’t even speak to me. Rocky says I got the platform ticket. Happy says wow, clearly, why didn’t you e-book teach price tag. They argue and blame each different. She says we don’t have any time to fight, the assembly is imp for us, we will’t waste time. Happy says we are able to use era, we are able to parent something out. She cries and asks TT to allow her board the teach, its imp to attain Delhi. TT says sorry, i can’t help.

Happy says my husband, his circle of relatives is risky, if I don’t attain there on time, they will never allow me move Maayka. She cries and tells her unHappy story. Rocky seems at her. Rocky says don’t create a scene, anyone is watching. Happy asks TT to understand, what will she undergo. TT scolds Rocky and says real men admire their better halves. He says i’m able to provide you with one ticket, you need to take a seat and travel. Happy says thanks for saving my life. She asks Rocky to pay him. Rocky will pay the fare. Happy thank you TT and forums the teach. Rocky says humans were gazing you. Happy says so what, we got the price ticket. a person informs Sania. Sania asks Bhatia to permit her cope with her deadly goons. He agrees.

Sandhya and Smiley are in the marketplace, and argue. Smiley jokes and receives scolded. They leave. Ranveer is following them. Happy and Rocky get seated. The people stare at them. He says they have been looking the scene, they would be thinking of your drama here. She says ceasefire, a married couple has fights, we are great now. The girl says you both appearance adorable together, live satisfactory with love. Rocky says you speak a few sense into her, she has pushed me loopy, she in no way listens, she does something she desires to do, people blame me. The girl praises Rocky and asks Happy to thank Lord to get such a pleasing husband. Happy says you’re proper, what should I do when her husband is always speaking to his mum, so i get angry every now and then. The lady says every girl is upset approximately it. Rocky says she starts nagging me all the time, she ought to talk lovingly. He asks can’t you communicate lovingly. Humdum mere….plays….

Happy tells approximately his Biji’s interference. Rocky says we could solve this today, i’m able to overlook my circle of relatives and international, will you communicate about love now. The educate starts offevolved. Happy asks what are you doing. Rocky says see, nobody is here, she doesn’t like me, she hates him. She says no, i really like him. He says tell me the truth. The female says your chemistry is superb, you look adorable whilst combating, come on say i really like you and hug him. Rocky says quality, i’m able to say it again for you. He says i really like you. The woman asks Happy to say it too. Happy says i like… I will be again. She goes to the train’s door. Rocky involves her. He says you had been acting so nicely so I thought to continue. She says we would have got uncovered. He says I don’t realize how married human beings behave. She says sure, even I m now not married. She stops and remembers her marriage with Chintu. She cries. Rocky recollects Chintu and cries.

He asks her now not to get senti for 24 hour marriage. She says it changed into a marriage, Chintu married me and did plenty for me in the ones 24 hours, no one did that for me. He asks what hassle do you’ve got, you look ok, you will discover a boy. She says I don’t want everybody. He asks why, you need to settle down, get married again, you received’t work all existence, get married and have few youngsters, be Happy with them. She asks him to reflect onconsideration on himself. She says you will get married at the least 3 to 4 instances, you are mad, no female can tolerate you. He says while i get married, i’m able to the award of high-quality husband. She says we will see. He says you will come to me and beg me to marry. She says higher I leap off this educate. She slips. He pulls her and asks why are you standing here, live far from door. He says I want sparkling air. He says you may in no way find a better guy than Rocky. Happy remembers RV’s phrases and asks have you ever visible RV, he is a first-rate man, he has a modern wondering, examine from him.

Precap: The goons try and kidnap Happy. Rocky and Happy rush to cover. The goon shoots at Happy.


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