Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kumar comes there and shoots the woman down. Kabir and Meenu get stunned. He says investigate ar me, I m Charlie. He met Rocky. They get stunned. Kumar says you know the reason for her passing, I don’t care for individuals who commit errors, it was her obligation to prevent you from committing errors, how might you be able to not reveal to me that Happy and Rocky know one another. Meenu asks who is she. Kumar focuses firearm and says you don’t have a clue about that Khushi is Happy, whom Rocky cherished a great deal. Happy gives prescriptions and makes Sandhya rest. She considers Rocky. She says once I inform everything regarding Honey to Rocky, I will leave. She goes to check the entryway. She sees Rocky and gets stunned.

Kumar says you get an opportunity, this miss is demon. She demonstrates the video of a pastor, educating them concerning painkillers utilized by pregnant ladies. Meenu cries seeing the news. The clergyman says I will attempt to pass the bill. Meenu tumbles down crying. Kumar says now you know why this mission is so devil. Kabir says we lost our youngster in light of this pills, Meenu was dependent on this medication and didn’t know the symptoms, Meenu can never turn into a mum at this point. Kumar says you lost your kid, numerous individuals lose lives as a result of medications, we need to dispose of the insatiable priests and end this medications racket, let couple of honest individuals kick the bucket for a major thought process, we need to manage Happy.

Rocky says this is your alcove, you are covering up here since six years, I need to talk. He gets venting outrage on her and says you did what you needed, you thought you spared my life and rested in harmony, you didn’t imagine that I won’t most likely love without you. Meenu says last time Happy acted to bite the dust, will we kill her, she is dead for the world. Kumar says no, Jyoti will wind up suspicious, if Happy passes on, Rocky will get distraught to discover the killer, we have no choice than to design the assault, the pastor will be at Amritsar, to introduce the new wing at Honey’s school, some honest individuals will lose their lives, it will be a penance from them, its been 10mins, different specialists will come. He gives the weapon to the woman’s hand and stays there. The operators get in and asks are you fine. Kumar says in the event that I didn’t execute her, she would have slaughtered me.

Rocky says I ingested medications when your recollections didn’t give me a chance to rest, I simply needed to rest gently without thinking about her. He talks in tanked state. Happy cries. He says I utilized medications just because and afterward I continued utilizing them for a long time, did you think to ask me, I would have accomplished something of RV, you didn’t confide in me. She says you think I have gone thRocky these six years in harmony, RV would have executed everybody, kindly hear me out. He says everything changed in 6 years, Kulwant and Biji passed away, Kulwant kicked the bucket in his trance state and Biji kicked the bucket in her rest. She gets stunned and cries. He says you would have feeling this agony, I m bearing this since six years. She says I was likewise experiencing a similar agony. They sit crying. He rests in her lap. They rest. Its morning, Rocky awakens and sees Happy. She awakens. He asks how could I come here. She says I need to talk something demon, Honey has risk from his instructor. He says let it be, we will spare Honey you really wreck individuals supposing you are helping, avoid Honey.

Precap: Happy lands rusticated from her position. Nectar gets her out. Rocky comes there.


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