Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with Honey thinking about the beep sound. Meenu thinks Honey can blast himself and all people now. She says Kabir, the beep sound is increasing. Rocky says Honey can fall in hazard. Kumar says I know that, you believe me right. Rocky says sure. Kumar says i’ve elevated the safety at college, simply deal with your paintings. Rocky says I have to move to school. Kumar scolds him. He says Honey is on the secure vicinity, there may be a great deal security, get returned in your process. Rocky nods. Happy shouts for help. She says I should do some thing now. She tries to get unfastened. Honey is with Sweety and indicates the far flung. He thinks its a few toy. happy is going to reduce the rope through the magnifying glass. She gets loose. She runs and shouts for assist. She knocks the door. Kabir concerns seeing Honey playing with the far off. Kabir asks the kids no longer to play with the far off. Honey jokes. Happy gets her cellphone and says I had every other telephone, thank God. She calls Rocky.

Rocky calls Harleen and asks her to visit Honey’s school and choose him. She is with her pals. She says I m at his college, i’m able to take him home, don’t fear. She asks her friends to have treat via her facet these days. She says Rocky issues plenty, Honey is pleasant, i can pick out him after the faculty application. The minister comes and receives seated. Kabir signs and symptoms Meenu. Happy says I need to hurry up. Meenu calls Kumar and says the whole thing is going as per the plan, Honey’s bomb chip is activated. Kumar says we don’t have any different alternative than to do that, we have to kill a few human beings with minister. Rocky receives Happy’s call. She asks him to come to highschool rapid, Honey’s life is in risk. She says I were given kidnapped. He says forestall making excuses, Honey is at domestic, you want to talk to me. He ends name. She says believe me, I m announcing the truth. Meenu takes the garlands for minister. She asks Honey and Sweety to take the garlands and go on degree after foremost’s speech.

Kabir says I fainted Happy, none can prevent our challenge from finishing now. Meenu says a few innocent lives will move but the international will get better, what took place with us and our baby, this won’t happen with others. Kabir says we should store the sector from pills. most important offers the speech and praises the minister. Kabir looks on. Honey feels unwell. Happy says please come Rocky. She shouts for help. primary calls minister on level. Rocky involves happy. She says Honey is in threat, we need to shop him. They run. Honey and Sweety go to the minister and make her put on garlands. Kabir counts down. Happy shouts Honey, forestall.

Kabir and Meenu get shocked. Happy asks them to depart, there may be a bomb here. anybody runs out. happy receives the beep sound and thinks how is the sound coming. He says sound is coming from Honey. She hugs Honey and concerns. Rocky catches Kabir and tries to get the remote. Honey cries. far flung falls away. Meenu and happy additionally fight for the far flung. happy gets taken aback seeing Meenu’s faux child bump. She recalls Meenu’s lie and receives the far flung. She thinks to deactivate the bomb. She sees a water jug and places far flung in it. Meenu stops her. Rocky and Kabir have a combat. Police comes there and catches Kabir and Meenu. happy runs to Honey. She hugs Honey.

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