Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

DTHHJ 19 Jul episode stars with Madhu deals with Honey and makes him rest. She gets some information about Happy. Harleen comes there. Rocky takes her out. She asks the issue. He hauls Harleen out and chides her. She asks what did I do. He asks Madhu not to tell in the middle. He says you couldn’t care less for Honey, I guided you to go to class and get Honey home, did you do that. She says I really… He says enough, I m tired of your falsehoods, Honey’s life was in risk. She asks what befell him, is he fine. He says you don’t know this, we don’t have love between us, our connection depends on falsehood, we are Honey’s folks, on the off chance that you can’t carry out this responsibility of his mum, at that point there is nothing left between us, simply go to your home, I will give what you need, carry on with your life well.

She says no, Madhu and you demolished my life, I will take you to the court. He says fine, I will meet you in the court, you will get half of my property, at that point I have no obligation towards you. Harleen says you can’t do this. Madhu says terrible happens when Happy comes thRockyout his life. Jyoti reproves Kabir. Kumar comes there and slaps Kabir. He keeps a key and chit for Kabir. He goes. Kabir peruses, flee with Meenu. Kabir opens his cuffs. Nectar asks when will mum come. Rocky apologizes. He says somebody had fixed bomb chip to you and I didn’t know, sorry, I couldn’t spare you from this, I wasn’t with you when you required me the most. He embraces Honey and requests that he call him Papa starting now and into the foreseeable future. Nectar dozes.

Jyoti says I m frightened, in the event that anything happened to Honey, Kumar knew it. Happy asks what, in what manner can Kumar do this, for what reason didn’t he tell Rocky. Kumar comes and acclaims Happy’s brilliance. He says all around done Happy, you spared numerous lives. Madhu says I need to support you, you remain in the inn until things get fine. Harleen inquires as to for what reason are you acting prude. Madhu says Happy has returned. Harleen gets stunned. She says that is the reason Rocky needs to dispose of me, I won’t leave her. Madhu says we will leave our battles and consider Happy, you adore Rocky a great deal, reveal to me will you help me. Harleen concurs. Madhu reveals to her arrangement.

Rocky calls somebody. Kabir assaults a man. Happy discloses to Kumar how she safeguarded Honey. She says Kabir and Meenu don’t lament anything, they are weird. She says I m getting the medical attendant’s call, its earnest. She goes to reply. Rocky says for what reason are Kumar and Jyoti not replying. Happy sees Kabir. He gets her at weapon point. Jyoti requests that he leave Happy. Kabir requests that they get Meenu. The officials point firearm at Kabir. Kumar thinks Happy is bombing our arrangement. He requests that they get Meenu, Happy’s life is demon, I m your supervisor, pursue my requests. Rocky comes there and looks on. Kumar asks Jyoti not to put Happy’s life in hazard. Happy says don’t leave Meenu, don’t extra them. Kumar says discharge Meenu, its my request.

Jyoti leaves Meenu and requests that he leave Happy. Kabir says you think I m a trick, Happy is my expert, I will leave her when we go out securely. Kabir shoots and panics them. Rocky kicks his back and battles him. Kabir asks Meenu to flee from here. Meenu flees. Kabir gets captured. Rocky observes Happy and asks are you fine. They embrace. Humdum negligible… .plays… .. Kumar gets out Rocky. Rocky goes. Kumar asks Happy are you fine, you are bold, we got Kabir again as a result of you. He says I have sent the chip for examination. Jyoti comes and says Meenu has fled, somebody was at that point out to support them. Happy says I ought to return home, mum is unwell, she will require me. Rocky says Meenu can assault Happy, we need to verify her. Kumar thinks to slaughter Happy.

Precap: Harleen says Khushi is Happy, she faked passing and got RV imprisoned. Happy gets captured.


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