Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kabir says I will perceive how Jyoti runs. Happy implores that Rocky scopes Jyoti. The man requests that Happy where keep the things for the occasion. Happy requests that he keep it in the inn, Rocky will check it. Nectar goes to her and says I came here to meet you, we will return home and play the game. She says I m occupied, we will play later, don’t be pitiful, you can remain here and draw pictures. The men keep the crates. She trusts that Rocky discovers Jyoti. Rocky says I was discovering Jyoti, tell m where did she go. Kumar says you realize she has been compelled to keep running for her life, we can’t contact her, she made a silly move. Rocky says she is now in peril. Kumar says I can’t give you any information and not chance the mission, I m your senior, I know my activity, you simply deal with the occasion security. Rocky goes.

Nectar says what’s this clock type thing. He requests that Happy see the things. Happy says fine, what did you see. Rocky comes. Happy says your father is here, I need to converse with him, stay here and complete the drawing. He says Kumar isn’t tuning in to me. Nectar says I will check the container. Harleen comes and figures Honey can demonstrate the props to Happy, I have altered the props. She requests that Honey come and have frozen yogurt with her. They go.

Happy and Rocky get back home. Sandhya says Madhu is terrible, she chided me a great deal. Happy figures Rocky would be irate knowing this. She says we will go out and have snacks. They go to the inn to have chaat and desserts. Sandhya sees Kabir and says Kabir will execute everybody. Happy asks what occurred, there is nobody. She supposes Kabir is in prison, how did mum see him, did he flee from prison. She reassures Sandhya. She goes to see Kabir. Sandhya yells to her. Happy says there is nobody. She takes Sandhya home. Madhu requests that Honey proceed to rest. Specialist says Sandhya got a fit of anxiety. He infuses her and puts her to rest.

Kumar discloses his arrangement to his group. He says the occasion will support us, I have sent genuine explosives rather counterfeit ones, we need to keep plan B, you will go there as pastor’s security officials, you need to shoot the clergyman if our arrangement comes up short. Kabir comes and says Sandhya has seen me and yelled my name, I have fled. Meenu says Happy didn’t see you, her mum is sick, who will trust her. Kumar says shut up, you think Happy will disregard this. Happy says I think Kabir has fled. Rocky says impractical, he can’t get away. Happy says as you didn’t get away. Rocky reviews his getaway and says its conceivable on the off chance that somebody causes him. She says if mum is stating this, she had seen Kabir, we ought to illuminate Kumar, I will call him. Rocky says not Kumar, I m feeling his conduct is bizarre. She says he is helping us, I confide in him. He says I additionally trust him, yet we will discover first. She says fine, we will proceed to discover. Harleen requests that Honey have milkand rest. Nectar draws a bomb and says this was inside the improving things in the lodging, it was signaling moreover. Harleen gets thinking.

Rocky says I need to meet Kabir, I presume he has fled. The man says Kumar asked us not to bolster him or open the entryway, we can’t give you access. Kumar asks Kabir to come quick before Rocky comes. Rocky says I have to meet Kabir. The man says sorry, this can’t occur. Kumar attempts to open the lock. Rocky focuses the firearm at the officials and says come quick at this moment. Rocky and Happy enter the cell and see… ..

Precap: Jyoti goes to Rocky’s home. Kumar gets her and stows away. Rocky and Happy return home.


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