Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Rocky tossing juice all over. RV gets him to admonish. Cheerful shouts in agony. Rocky flees and searches for faculties. RV deals with Happy. He asks are you feeling okay at this point. She says truly, Shaan has tossed a glass of juice at me. RV says I won’t abandon him. Rocky scans for focal point. Rocky stresses. He wears his focal point. RV gets him and says you have caused your very own downfall today, your time is finished. He hits Rocky. Rocky drains. RV says you ought to be managed along these lines. RV reproves Rocky. Happy comes there and sees them. Rocky reviews RV and Happy. He gets furious and battles RV. His watchmen come and point weapon at RV.

He says no one will meddle, its my battle, back off. They battle. Happy gets stunned seeing them harming each other to such an extent. She gets out Rocky.

Rocky stops. RV hits a glass on Rocky’s head. Rocky tumbles down. RV goes to Happy. Rocky’s gatekeepers take him. Happy takes RV with her. He says I would have executed him, he halted when he heard you calling him Rocky. She does the guide. He says we got an opportunity to demonstrate that he is Rocky, he acted mischievously with you, I won’t abandon him. She asks to what extent will you secure you, who are you, a legal advisor or some goon, you are getting into battles rather talks, I didn’t anticipate this from you. She organizes a specialist for Shaan. RV says I m endeavoring to uncover him and you are calling a specialist for him, what’s going on.

Upbeat says he is a visitor of the inn, its a convention, if you don’t mind unwind. He says I can’t unwind, I get furious when you get injured, how would I disclose this to you, I m associated with you and can’t see you in torment, I will beat him again in the event that he harms you, he needs to experience me first, I will murder him before he contacts you, you may bear torment, I can’t tolerate your agony. Rocky reviews Happy and figures what did I do, I committed a major error. Upbeat says this should occur. RV inquires as to why. She says we need to consider ahead him, I requested that you stop, you didn’t stop. He inquires as to for what reason are you guarding him. She says I m in charge of this, I have tossed water at him first. Upbeat comes to meet Rocky. He will not meet her. He requests that watches stop her and not let anybody exasperate him. He supposes I m not Rocky, yet Shaan for everybody. Happy gets a call from Chintu.

She asks what occurred. Chintu says Shaan is sick, they said specialist is gone, I don’t comprehend about drugs. Upbeat stresses and leaves the sustenance. She goes to see Rocky. Chintu asks will he be fine, he solicited all from them to leave, I called you as nobody is replying. She says don’t stress, I called the specialist. She sits thinking about Rocky. He says its unimaginable that you don’t come to meet me, remain close me, don’t abandon me. She says I m here Rocky. Specialist comes and checks him. Marjaniya… ..plays… . Cheerful deals with Rocky. He rests in her lap. RV considers Happy and sits pitiful. Rocky says you are extremely excellent. Upbeat says you need rest. He says no, I need you, you can comprehend the integrity in me, for what reason did you judge me off-base. She asks when did I judge you wrong, what’s disturbing you, let me know. Rocky says you have misjudged me, you hurt me. She reviews Rocky. She says you are Rocky, right? Chintu looks on.

Precap Upcoming Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji Episode Update: Happy says reveal to me reality, don’t lie. Rocky does shayari. He inquires as to for what reason did you come to deal with me, rather investing energy with your sweetheart.


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