Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode begins with Rocky saying I m Ro… . Sania comes and stops Happy. The two of them have a contention. Rocky takes Happy’s name in rest. Anaya shocks RV. He supposes by what means should I advise her, what all occurred here. She asks the end result for you. Sania requests that Happy leave, such a great amount of occurred amid the day. She affronts Happy to trap Chintu and get this inn. She says you removed Rocky from me, you at that point made RV move on your tunes, you need Shaan too, you are a pioneer, a gold digger, in the event that you don’t see Shaan, I won’t abandon you.

Rocky says in all actuality… ..I m… . Sania requests that Happy get out. Anaya asks RV what did he need to advise her. RV says I need to reveal to you something. She says I need to reveal to you first, a debt of gratitude is in order for confiding in me, its about 3 years and you didn’t abandon me. He says really I… She says I generally observe our pic and converse with it, I m beyond any doubt you have same sentiments, I m focused on you, let me know, am I a dolt? Did you ever need to say a final farewell to me, who knows, you may need to, so I have returned with the goal that I can guarantee you that I m yours and you are mine, I adore you and you cherish me, embrace me RV. He embraces her. She says time will pass soon.

Anaya comes to inn and meets Happy. Cheerful embraces her and asks when did you come, its a lovely astonishment. Anaya says I thought to give a shock to RV, I surmise he doesn’t care for amazements. Cheerful says no, he would be upbeat, he remains occupied in the lodging the board. Anaya says I need a little support from you, will you help me. Cheerful concurs. RV comes to meet Happy. She checks her work. Rocky expresses gratitude toward her for dealing with him. Sh says you were revealing to me something and Sania came in the middle. He says you are envious. He says I had high fever, possibly I said something irregular. She says you needed to reveal to me something, you were requesting that I remain back, it felt like we have known each other before. She requests that he tell the issue. He does shayari. He says you could have invested energy with RV rather coming to deal with me. He goes.

Anaya shocks RV with their pics. She reminds him their past. She says we were companions and after that we admitted our affection, I like everything about you, you used to watch kid’s shows and carry on like children, you used to cry furtively watching sentimental motion pictures. He grins. She says I can’t survive without you. She gets down on her knees and proposes him for marriage. He gets stunned. Prison guard calls Rocky and says I got my exchange orders, it implies somebody has done this. Rocky says RV would have done this. Prison guard says things won’t be in my control, you gather proof quick, only multi week is left. Rocky says I need time. Prison guard says no, its unrealistic, I wish you good karma. Rocky says I have spared the ace card for the huge day. Everybody comes and applauds RV and Anaya. They request that RV acknowledge Anaya’s proposition. Upbeat requests that RV state indeed, Anaya shouldn’t pause. Everybody applauds and says, please say yes. RV sees Happy and says no, I can’t… . Everybody gets stunned.

Precap Upcoming Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji Episode Update: Anaya approaches is Happy the purpose behind declining to me. RV says indeed, I m in affection with Happy. Happy gets stunned. Sania gets alcoholic. Rocky gets some information about the proof. She says I have every one of the confirmations. He embraces her.


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