Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kumar comes and says I have come to perceive how you are. Rocky says I have an inclination that I will lose Happy by and by. Kumar says I know your torment, yet you need to live for Honey. Rocky says I have nobody than Honey. Happy expresses gratitude toward Anjali for booking her tickets. Anjali says I will miss you a great deal. Rocky gets a call and goes. Kumar likewise gets a call from his man. Happy gets a call and is stunned. Rocky goes to Honey and requests that he open eyes. He says fountain impacted, he got injured. Kumar requires the specialist. He supposes Happy you can’t go now. Specialist checks Honey and says he got spared. Kumar asks how did the fountain impact. Madhu says I got the fountain fixed today.

Rocky says I won’t leave the fountain organization. Specialist says Honey appears to be stressed, his resistance is getting low. Nectar asks Khushi heavenly attendant not to go. Specialist requests that Rocky call Happy, the family pressures are influencing Honey. He says I have seen your significant other’s meeting, Khushi ought to be with him, his inward feelings of dread will turn out. Rocky says Happy would have passed at this point. Happy gets back home. Madhu requests that her leave and extra her family. Happy says I need to meet Honey. Madhu says he has your folks, get out. Rocky stops Madhu and asks her not to begin whining.

Happy says I heard the sound on telephone. Rocky says spring impacted. Happy goes to Honey and embraces. Rocky says Happy is going today. Happy says I won’t go, I will be here with Honey. Specialist requests that her stay with Honey thRockyout the night. She says fine, medical attendant will deal with my mum. Specialist goes. Kumar says Rocky this is your own issue… Rocky says no, you can let me know, you generally helped me. Kumar says you can sort relations with Happy later, Honey isn’t well, approach Happy to remain here for seven days. Rocky asks by what means will I request that her remain. Kumar says she can go once Honey recovers, fare thee well.

Rocky comes to Happy and sees her putting Honey to rest by singing a bedtime song. She gets some information about Harleen. He says she was tanked, she would rest, much obliged. He goes. Happy requests that Honey get fine soon. Rocky goes out to rest. He returns to Happy. He asks would you like to have espresso. Kumar says Happy’s life is stuck in Honey, Happy turned out poorly, presently she won’t realize that she will do my work, don’t commit any error today. Meenu says trust me, there won’t be any slip-up, will the home pastor go to that school by and by. He says leave this on me. Happy reminds the espresso minute to Rocky. They grin. He says you left by overlooking everything. They have an eyelock. He says Madhu and Harleen got out of hand with you, sorry. She says simply Honey is pixie right now. He says beneficial thing is Honey’s adoration is solid to stop you here. She goes. He says I didn’t change and you didn’t change, just circumstances changed. Its morning, Harleen gets a cerebral pain. She sees Rocky dozing on the couch. She goes to room and gets stunned seeing Honey injured and Happy dozing adjacent to. Happy awakens.

Precap: Rocky inquires as to for what reason would you like to go for broke with Happy. Meenu goes to hit Happy by her vehicle.


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