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Rocky says the fact is…..I m…. Sania asks satisfied to get out. Anaya asks RV what did he want to inform her. RV says i have to inform you some thing. She says i’ve to inform you first, thank you for trusting me, its nearly three years and you didn’t surrender on me. He says in reality I… She says I continually see our p.c and communicate to it, I m sure you have identical emotions, I m devoted to you, tell me, am I an fool? Did you ever need to break up with me, who is aware of, you may want to, so i’ve come back in order that i will assure you that I m yours and you are mine, i love you and you adore me, hug me RV. He hugs her. She says time will skip quickly.

Anaya involves hotel and meets satisfied. glad hugs her and asks whilst did you return, its a pleasant surprise. Anaya says I thought to provide a wonder to RV, I guess he doesn’t like surprises. glad says no, he could be very happy, he stays busy within the resort control. Anaya says I need a small desire from you, will you assist me. happy has the same opinion. RV comes to fulfill happy. She exams her work. Rocky thank you her for taking care of him. Sh says you had been telling me some thing and Sania got here in between. He says you’re jealous. He says I had high fever, maybe I said something random. She says you wanted to inform me something, you have been asking me to stay again, it felt like we’ve got recognized every other inside the beyond. She asks him to tell the problem. He does shayari. He says you could have hung out with RV as a substitute coming to attend to me. He is going.

Anaya surprises RV with their images. She reminds him their past. She says we were pals and then we confessed our love, i like each element of you, you used to observe cartoons and behave like children, you used to cry secretly watching romantic films. He smiles. She says i will’t stay without you. She gets down on her knees and proposes him for marriage. He gets shocked. Jailer calls Rocky and says I were given my switch orders, it method someone has achieved this. Rocky says RV might have completed this. Jailer says things gained’t be in my manage, you collect evidence rapid, simply one week is left. Rocky says I need time. Jailer says no, its no longer possible, I want you top luck. Rocky says i have stored the ace card for the huge day. anybody comes and claps for RV and Anaya. They ask RV to accept Anaya’s suggestion. satisfied asks RV to say yes, Anaya shouldn’t wait. each person claps and says, come on say yes. RV sees happy and says no, i’m able to’t…. everyone receives taken aback.

Precap: Anaya asks is glad the cause for refusing to me. RV says yes, I m in love with glad. glad gets bowled over. Sania receives under the influence of alcohol. Rocky asks her about the evidence. She says i’ve all the evidences. He hugs her.

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Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 26 April 2019
Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 26th April 2019
Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 26 April
Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 26th April


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