Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The Episode starts with happy checking the earring. She takes Rocky apart and says I were given this earring from your kitchen, it belongs to Jyoti, it way she came to your house, if Jyoti known as Kumar, she could have informed her vicinity, I feel some thing is inaccurate. Rocky says it way Kumar is concerned in Jyoti’s homicide, Kumar did this. Happy says prevent, in case you ask Kumar, he’s going to get alert, we need to discover his plan. Kumar comes and says we regret for Jyoti’s demise, we must go to inn and manage the event. Honey thinks to take Madhu’s assist to visit motel. He says I need to deliver this document to dad, Khushi angel forgot this. Madhu asks him to go and provide it to Rocky. Honey asks Happy to come with him. Rocky thinks to punish the culprit. Happy thinks how did the earring come domestic. Honey and Happy come to the motel. Kumar sees the goons. Meenu and Kabir are available disguise. Happy instructs all of the staff contributors. She sees Meenu and says I suppose i’ve visible you someplace. Harleen asks Happy to come and assist her. Happy is going.

Rocky is going out. Happy says the entirety is set, Harleen visit kitchen and take a look at matters. Harleen is going. happy sees Honey and Happy, and asks them to move home. Honey says please allow me stay right here, I promised Happy that i will take her on date. Happy says come day after today, go domestic. Honey says satisfactory. Happy picks his drawing ebook and receives Harleen’s call. She says i’m able to call you returned. She sees the bomb drawing and gets bowled over.

Rocky and Kumar welcome the minister on the lodge. Rocky thinks is his fact some thing else. Honey says I wanted to show this drawing to you, I saw this in decoration box, I desired to ask you about it that day, but to procure busy. happy thinks it means Honey has visible the bombs within the inn. She goes and tries to find the bomb. She unearths one in the basket. She says the bombs are placed anywhere, someone can have the detonator to set off the bombs. Kabir and Meenu are in kitchen. Kabir receives message and indicates the message to her. He says its time, Happy diwali. They cross.

Harleen sees them and asks wherein are you two going, I assume i have visible you. Kabir says function is going to start. Harleen asks who will do the kitchen work here, don’t step out of the kitchen, cross and paintings. Meenu gets angry. Kabir stops Meenu and asks her to govern her anger, there shouldn’t be any mistake, do as she says. Harleen asks them to paintings. Honey and Happy see the bomb. happy says go away it. Honey says its just a clock. Happy asks her to take Happy home. He says i will assist you, what’s the hassle, i’m able to solve it. She says there are terrible people here, Rocky, Harleen and i will shop the inn, Madhu and Sandhya are on my own at domestic, who will deal with them and save them. Honey says i’m able to shop them. happy says you have a telephone right, name me when you attain home. happy sees Rocky and asks Honey to head home. She calls Rocky and can’t join. She sees Rocky on degree. She thinks to go to Rocky and inform him. She says shall I make an assertion, each person will pass and live secure, there are many people right here, there could be chaos, what if the individual activates the bomb, better find that person with the far flung. Honey and Happy come domestic and close the door. Madhu asks what took place.

Honey says i will contend with you each, don’t exit, its risky. Madhu asks what occurred. Happy says its like sun eclipse these days, stay at domestic. Honey says you’re clever. Madhu says i will go to inn. Honey says I m now not joking, dad stated none will go out of domestic, i can name dad. Madhu says no. Sandhya says i’m able to listen to Honey. Honey says Sandhya is wise, take a seat there and watch tv. Honey messages happy that the whole thing is pleasant at home. happy says not anything is satisfactory here, i will tell Rocky. She hears Kumar asking his men to come back and detonate the bomb, the minister is right here. She receives taken aback. She is going to speak to Rocky. Minister says if you are seeing the safety, i have not anything to fear. Kumar says so first-rate of you. He receives irritated. Harleen is busy on call. Meenu says its done. Harleen scolds Meenu and asks her to clean the plates properly. Rocky gets bowled over and says it way Kumar is in the back of this. happy says he is a terrorist, he has hidden bombs in all of the props, he wants to kill minister, I heard him giving an order to someone.

Precap: Rocky says i can find those folks who a detonator. Happy concerns. Kumar asks Kabir to detonate the bomb.


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